Author at ‘whiteness’ event: White Americans ‘biggest terror threat’ — Video

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bottmanWhile participating in a “Whiteness History Month” event at Portland Community College, Czech-born Tereza Topferova Bottman said that white Americans are the “biggest terror threat.”  The statement was part of a book-reading featuring five authors who contributed to a book entitled “What Does it Mean to be White in America.”

At first glance, ‘whiteness’ as status is all benefits, advantages, and shiny packages of sparkly goodies. But the truth is white people don’t make it through unscathed. Clearly, maintaining this hegemonic system comes at a cost to us whites. Recent studies show that white, middle aged men, unlike other groups, have a mortality rate that is rising at a rapid race,” she claimed.  “They’re dying from stress related causes. White Americans are also the biggest terror threat. We have been led to feel disconnected from the humanity of others as well as from our own. We fear being cast out from the only club to which we tentatively belong. This is the deadly set up we are up against, and it is high time for us to attempt to break free from these narratives and redefine our place as white people in the society and in the world.”

Here’s video of her comments:

She also called on people to renounce whiteness and of course, capitalism.  Michael Strickland provided a transcript of her statement at Progressives Today:

 I’m scared that the violence lurking beneath the mask of white supremacy will buckle out, targeting me as a woman, as someone with Jewish heritage, someone with a black partner and mixed race kids. This fear is real and visceral. But I organize despite it. Two years ago, with several others, I helped to form a group to EDUCATE, ORGANIZE, AND MOBILE white people to work for ‘racial justice’ as part of a multi racial majority for justice, we raise funds for grass roots organizations led by people of color. We volunteer our time and skills, we bring food, we show up to unplanned rallies, we phone bank and door knock to discuss issues pertinent to our community and to the Black Lives Matter movement. We educate ourselves, as well as other white people in our circles, we practice interrupting racism. This is hard work for me. THIS IS MY ANTIDOTE, TO VIOLENCE, APATHY, AND DESPAIR. I try to embody what I’ve longed for other white people to do. Which is to answer the call to acknowledge and renounce ‘whiteness’ for its historical and current inseparability form racial violence and oppression. I want to white people to oragnize, en masse, divest ourselves from the narrow definition of success in a capitalistic society that forces us to subscribe to the deadly values of white supremacy. What I ask of us is nothing short of building a new world, rooted in collective action, shaped by a narrative that strives to re-envision, co-create, collaborate, liberate across the great divisions of race, class, gender, and all the rest. THIS IS YOUR STORY AND MY STORY INTERTWINED.”

Here’s video of that:

According to Bottman, whiteness is a “poison.”   There’s more, including more videos, here.

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