Australian Space Agency Shines Light Of Truth On Climate Change, CO2

That insanity rules in the White House, becomes clear every day.

During a climate change virtual meeting, the demented mummy, started to cry for his wife. Who apparently in his demented mind, might be having a hot time in the Navajo Nation while he sits in the White House.

Jill Biden visited the Navajo Nation on Friday and Joe Biden pointed at their delegation (which was taking place in the virtual climate summit) and demanded they let Jill come home.

Let my wife come home! She likes the Navajo Nation too much! She keeps being out there! She’s been out there for two days. She was out there before – I don’t know! You know what I mean?!” Biden said.

Instead of stopping while he was ahead, Joe Biden continued to ramble on about Jill Biden being far away from him.

He continued, “I called her, I said ‘where are you?’ She said ‘I’m staying another day’ – so you know, let her come home, oaky? I don’t want her, you know – that’s too far for me to commute — I, I shouldn’t be so, but anyway, look…”

But even in dementia, the mummy is brighter than his climate envoy.

Joe Biden’s Climate Envoy John Kerry made an insane remark about CO2 at the Virtual Climate Summit. As scientists have always said, CO2 is a natural part of the Earth’s atmosphere and it serves as food for plants and trees that process CO2 into oxygen.

Even if we get to net zero,” Kerry claimed. “We still have to get carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. So this is a bigger challenge than a lot of people have really grabbed onto.”

Kerry fails to understand that part of plants’ life cycle involves CO2, and without CO2 all plants would die.

Which means that Kerry the fool, even with the billions of dollars of his wife, could not buy any food. There wouldn’t be any. All food is based on plants. And without abundant CO2 there would be no plants. No food.

While rationality seems to have left the seat of American government, Australia has picked up the torch of knowledge and leads the way to an important truth:

We should be producing more CO2, not less. And here’s why:

An important study by the Australian Space Agency (CSIRO) shows that warmer and warmer temperatures will save humankind from the pandemic virus. Here is their report:

The results of this space agency study are clear:

The cooler it gets, the more powerful the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic virus becomes.

The warmer it gets, the weaker and less stable the virus becomes. Warm weather brings safety.

Clearly and obviously, the objective to lower the temperature on the surface of the earth by eliminating CO2 will empower the virus. The Biden Democrat global warming policy by reducing CO2, will lower the temperature, empower the virus and destroy us all.

Dr Joel S Holmes is an engineer working in the field of alternative energy and hydropower.

The award-winning book ICE AGE 2025, available on Amazon, points out that it’s going to be getting much colder and not warmer. This will in fact help destabilize and deactivate the pandemic virus. NASA solar minimum projections support this powerful book 100%.


ICE AGE 2025



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