Australian Police HUNT DOWN, Arrest “Covid Fugitives” Like Violent Criminals (Video)

(Natural News) It is now a criminal offense in Australia for teenagers to have a beer or two with friends because doing so might contribute to the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

A young man by the name of Anthony Karam learned this the hard way after he was arrested by Aussie police for kicking back a few on the beach with some friends, resulting in his being handcuffed and arrested for failing to “flatten the curve.”

Drinking outside without a mask on is now strictly prohibited in some parts of Australia, as is engaging in “nonessential travel,” which apparently includes spending time with loved ones.

“This 27-year-old chap who apparently has expressed the view that he doesn’t care less whether he spreads the virus is one example of the worst of the worst,” snarled prominent Australian health minister and politician Brad Hazzard, who recently set up a large-scale vaccination event at the Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney to inject 24,000 children for the Chinese Virus.

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Australian media also took aim at Karam, suggesting that because he had previously tested “positive” for the Fauci Flu that he no longer has any right to go out in public without the government’s permission.

“Anthony Karam knows he’s COVID positive when he steps into this public lift, already breaking so many rules,” one media anchor declared.

“He doesn’t bother to cover his mouth as he sneezes and splatters. The 27-year-old is still infectious but has gone missing from his Wentworth apartments.”

Australian government now blatantly humiliating citizens who disobey covid dictates

Karam is just one of many Australians who are refusing to abide by the fascist dictates of the Australian government, which has made it clear that the tyranny will never end as long as people continue to obey it.

An entire group of teenagers was reportedly handcuffed after being spotted at a beach socializing without the government’s permission. A prominent Australian soccer player was also blasted by the media for allegedly lying to police officers about “essential travel.”

This particular soccer player reportedly drove his vehicle too far for the government’s liking, which prompted authorities to declare that he had engaged in strictly prohibited “nonessential travel.”

There are additional reports of construction workers being sent home without a paycheck because they failed to perfectly follow the government’s mandated Chinese Virus protocols.

“The teenagers reportedly received $1,000 fines for what was considered to be an ‘illegal gathering,’” a media outlet reported about the drinking at the beach fiasco.

Karam’s arrest was widely broadcasted by the media in attempt to scare other Aussies from following his lead. Karam is apparently an outspoken resister of Wuhan Flu fascism, so the government is trying to make an example out of him.

Authorities down under may have jumped the shark, though, because Karam seems to have ignited a trend in his country that is spreading like wildfire. As it turns out, Aussies do not want to be governed with an iron fist.

“Hunting the unvaccinated. Time for us all to defend ourselves, the American way,” wrote one Twitter user in response to a video clip (see below) of Karam’s arrest.

“This is fascism,” wrote another, challenging the idea that Australian officials have somehow “lost their mind” by turning normal citizens just trying to live their lives into “criminals.”

“This was planned, calculated, and on purpose. Stop telling yourself that this ‘doesn’t make sense.’ It makes total sense. Just not in the way you and me like it. They declared their populations the enemy.”

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