Who attacked Trump, Democrats or Team Assad?

Democrat Tim Kaine just wants out. (Twitter)
Democrats just wanna have fun. (Twitter)

It’s been said that if Donald Trump were to find a cure for cancer, Democrats would still manage to find a reason to attack him.

Case in point would be the Trump ordered cruise missile attack on Syrian military aircraft stationed at the joint Russian-Syrian Air Force base in the Western Syrian town of Shayrat.

So now’s your chance to play “Who Said It!?

Listed below are a number of quotes, and below them is who actually said it. Good luck!

  1. The strike itself is “an act of war.”
  2. Destroying Syrian aircraft is an “unjust and arrogant aggression.”
  3. The presidential action had “no legal justification.”
  4. President Trump is governing “in a manner entirely opposite to what he promised.”
  5. The missile strike is “in violation of international law.”
  6. Accuses President Trump of “acting like a warmonger.”
  7. A blatant “act of aggression against” that was in “violation of international law.”
  8. An impulsive and reckless Donald Trump is guilty of not “thinking through what are the consequences” of the attack.
  9. President Trump has committed “ill-judged, irresponsible actions.”
  10. The attack command is “unlawful.”
  11. President Trump is conducting himself in a “dangerous” and “destructive” manner.
  12. President Trump’s decision is “disgraceful.”
  13. The Syrian strike is “illegal.”
  14. Trump’s order is a “completely far-fetched pretext” for his military solution.
  15. Trump “risks escalating the war in Syria still further.”
  1. California Democrat Rep. Barbara Lee (The Daily Caller)
  2. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (The Washington Post)
  3. Virginia Democrat Sen. Tim Kaine (CNN)
  4. Michigan Democrat Rep. Brenda Lawrence (The Daily Caller)
  5. Russian President Vladimir Putin (Zero Hedge)
  6. California Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu, Colonel, USAF Reserve (Vox.com)
  7. Dmitry Peskov, Russian government  spokesman (Vox.com)
  8. California Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff (Vox.com)
  9. Russian Member of Parliament Andrei Krasov (Zero Hedge)
  10. Virginia Democrat Sen. Tim Kaine (Twitter)
  11. Iranian Foreign Minister Bahram Ghasemi (The Failing NY Times)
  12. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (The Washington Post)
  13. Connecticut Democrat Sen. Chris Murphy (MSNBC)
  14. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov (TASS)
  15. Hawaii Democrat Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (Fox News)

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