Atheists Threaten USMC with Lawsuit over ‘Spiritual Training’

Atheists Threaten USMC with Lawsuit over 'Spiritual Training' (Wikimedia)
Atheists Threaten USMC with Lawsuit over ‘Spiritual Training’ (Wikimedia)

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs (via the Reuters news service), roughly 22 American military veterans kill themselves every day. That equates to one dead vet every 65 minutes. Especially with cases of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder through the roof, the Marine Corps is now taking flack for developing a “Spiritual Fitness” syllabus to strengthen any given Marine’s “mental resilience necessary for war.”

Marines during a lull in the fighting in the South Pacific during the Battle of Peleliu, WWII.

But the self-appointed agents of ensuring even the possible hint of God is immediately squashed are threatening the Corps with legal action.

Specifically a class action lawsuit to bring a quick aborting of the proposed training, as reported by The Daily Caller.

But ex-Air Force officer Mikey Weinstein, founder and president of Military Religious Freedom Foundation, is having none of it.

“This is nothing more than a Trojan Horse for fundamentalist Christians to proselytize to a captive audience,” Weinstein told Military.com. “The moment we saw that, we reached out to our litigation team.”

Yet during an interview with Rear Admiral Brent W. Scott, 19th Chaplain of the United States Marine Corps, it was noted;

After 15 years of battle in the Middle East, Scott said he “found that much of the resilience we saw was not necessarily attributed to something that somebody could do in the gym. A lot had to do with the heart and soul of the individual.” The Marines need training to develop personal faith, personal values, and moral living and decision-making, Scott said.

Obviously stressing that the purpose of the proposed training isn’t aimed at proselytization to any given religious belief, but rather at strengthening core beliefs, Adm. Scott added;

“A moral compass doesn’t just come from a faith foundation; it’s not enough to make a decision based on what is legally right or wrong,” Scott said. “Chaplains will help Marines discover that compass for themselves — that center of gravity that comes from their own upbringing, personal experiences, and religious teaching.”

Even in a message from the Commandant of the Marine Corps (CMC), General Robert B. Neller made clear to all hands;

Regardless of individual philosophy or beliefs, spiritual well-being makes us better warriors and people of character capable of making good choices on and off duty.

The CMC also added;

By attending to spiritual fitness with the same rigor given to physical, social and mental fitness, Marines and Sailors can become and remain the honorable warriors and model citizens our Nation expects.

Impromptu moment pf prayer - Marines pray for a killed brother-in-arms, Fallujah, Iraq. (Twitter)
Impromptu moment of prayer – Marines pray for a killed brother-in-arms, Fallujah, Iraq. (Twitter)

The Daily Caller also cited of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation honcho;

Weinstein, graduate of the Air Force Academy and author of the 2006 book “With God On Our Side: One Man’s War Against an Evangelical Coup in America’s Military,” is critical of any attempts by the government to mandate or even encourage spiritual training.


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