Et Tu, N.Y. Times?!? “Franken Should Go” Admits Bible of Left

Unlike Republicans, Democrats of course circle the wagons around their own and make sure never to put pretense of principle over power. In other words, the media and the black hole known as a “Senate ethics investigation” will inevitably run interference, and Gropin’ Al Franken, Democrat U.S. Senator from Minnesota, has nothing to fear in terms of losing his position.

Still it is at least eye-opening to have seen the following appear in the New York Times on Thursday:

Image Source: New York Times

In the opinion piece from Michelle Goldberg, a columnist (as opposed to merely someone from outside who has something printed as a Times op-ed), it is pointed out that:

“This story alone might not have gotten Franken in much trouble — even if Tweeden had been able to get people to believe her, Franken could have explained it away as acting. But there’s a disgusting, indelible photograph from the cargo plane that took them home from Afghanistan.”

In the piece, Goldberg evaluates her “first instinct,” which “is to say that Franken deserves a chance to go through an ethics investigation but remain in the Senate, where he should redouble his efforts on behalf of abuse and harassment victims.”

Image Source: Twitter

However, in the end, she concludes that:

“It’s not worth it. The question isn’t about what’s fair to Franken, but what’s fair to the rest of us. I would mourn Franken’s departure from the Senate, but I think he should go, and the governor should appoint a woman to fill his seat. The message to men in power about sexual degradation has to be clear: We will replace you.”

It should be noted that (of course!), the New York Times being the SMH spewing-leftist-propaganda outlet that it is, Goldberg can’t resist sticking in, near the end, a cheapshot with no basis in actual evidence: “Republicans, never particularly eager to hold their own to account, will use Franken to deflect from more egregious abuse on their own side, like what Trump and Roy Moore are accused of.”

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