At Least 20 Shot in San Bernardino…Active Shooting

sb2San Bernardino, California, police say there is an ongoing shooting, involving 1 to 3 shooters, who have shot an estimated 20 people so far.  The shooting occurred at the Inland Regional Center, a facility that works with developmentally-handicapped people and their families.  It is not known how many people were inside the facility at the time of the shooting.  The number of victims is subject to change as with all shootings, the numbers are often estimated or just mistaken as we’ve seen in the Paris and Oregon shootings.

A SWAT team was practicing nearby and was able to reach the center, with team members already dressed and ready for action.  A local hospital set up a triage center near the shooting in order to stabilize the injured and to determine whose wounds need tending to first.  Loma Linda University Medical Center told CNN they were expecting patients from the shooting at anytime.

The Los Angeles field office of the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives also has agents working the scene.

Just yesterday, the president of the NEA (National Education Association) Lily Eskelsen García, insulted handicapped students, calling them chronically tarded and medically annoying.  Her harsh words for the developmentally handicapped is a possible reason a gunman or gunmen (Or gunwomen) were egged on to eliminate what liberals and the NEA see as “a waste of space.”  More and more we hear extreme speech from liberals like Garcia and Hillary Clinton, who is a partially-owned subsidiary of the NEA.  In the wake of this tragedy, I call on Obama to ban all gun ownership for liberals.

The facility is set up to handle mild to medium cases of autism.  The facility has 670 staff members and they serve 30,200 patients and their families.

Police say the assailants are heavily armed (With weapons purchased from Eric Holder?) and could be wearing body armor.  More details will be added as they come in.


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