Creep Al Franken Boasted “My Wife Runs My Life” … While Mocking Ann Coulter For Never Having Been Married

You just can’t make this stuff up sometimes!

Not that it is worth regarding (pre-Senator) Al Franken’s 2003 book Lies (And the Lying Liars Who Tell Them): A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right with any bit of respect, but it turns out that the book contains one passage which must now be regarded as very inconvenient for Franken, who has in the last few days been accused of inappropriate touching and other behavior by four different women.

That passage, one of many in the book mocking conservative lawyer and political commentator Ann Coulter (feel free to speculate what the real psychological factors behind Franken’s obsession with Coulter are …) reads as follows:

“… The ‘Religious Right,’ she claims, is ‘ a meaningless concept,’ ‘an inverted construct of the left’s own Marquis de Sade lifestyle.’

First of all, on this Marquis de Sade lifestyle. I’ve been married twenty-seven years [note: 41 years at this point, 14+ years after the book’s publication], have two kids who’ve turned out fairly well, and a wife who runs my life. Ann, on the other hand, is forty-someting [now 50-something], has never been married [still true], and has the personality of a dominatrix. Who’s kidding who?…”

We will leave it to readers, given the information that has been revealed about Franken in the last week or so, to determine who actually was making a concerted effort for many years to be “kidding who[m].”

In the meantime, here is a YouTube video from Franken’s initial 2008 campaign for Senate in which the serial groper pimped out his wife Franni’s struggle with alcohol dependency to gain sympathy and, inevitably, votes: