Ashley Judd melts down in r-rated rant: Trump is Hitler, Cabinet are Nazis, Ivanka ‘favorite sex symbol’

Ashley Judd insane
Ashley Judd

On Saturday, liberals across the country engaged in a collective meltdown known as a “Women’s March” to protest President Donald Trump.  As we reported, Madonna said she thought about blowing up the White House, but she wasn’t the only celebrity to demonstrate that liberalism is a mental disorder.  Ashley Judd, the actress who recently said yellow emojis are racist, referred to Trump as Hitler, compared his cabinet to Nazis and said Ivanka is the new chief executive’s “favorite sex symbol,” Newsbusters reported.

According to Curtis Houck:

Of all the far-left, wacky statements made at Saturday’s Women’s March, actress Ashley Judd may take the top honor (or DisHonor) for an R-rated tangent against “Electoral College-sanctioned hate speech” by President Trump and his team of “Nazis” capturing “little girls like Pokemon” and Ivanka Trump as his “favorite sex symbol.”

Judd seized the stage from Michael Moore and proclaimed prior to her spoken word diatribe that she was there to “bring you words from Nina Donovan, a 19-year-old in middle Tennessee and she has given me the privilege of telling you what she has to say.” 

“I am a nasty woman. I am not as nasty as a man who looks like he bathes in Cheeto dust, whose words are a death trap to America, Electoral College-sanctioned hate-speech contaminating this National Anthem. I am not as nasty as a confederate flags being tattooed across my city. Maybe the South actually is going to rise again, maybe for some, but it never really fell,” she told the crowd.

Houck added:

Arguing that “[b]lacks are still in shackles and graves just for being black,” Judd fretted that “I feel Hitler in these streets” as a mustache was replaced by “a toupe” and “Nazis renamed as the cabinet.”

Continuing on with the Nazi comparisons, Judd promoted “[e]lectrical-conversion therapy” as seemingly widespread (it’s not) and dubbed it “the new gas chamber”:

Electrical-conversion therapy — the new gas chamber shaming the gay out of American, turning rainbows into suicide notes. No, I am not as nasty as racism, fraud, conflict of interest, homophobia, sexual assault, trans-phobia, white supremacy, misogyny, ignorance, white privilege.

It was here that Judd maligned the eldest Trump daughter as her father’s “favorite sex symbol” while “little girls” are used “like Pokemon” by men. She also refused to apologize for being “nasty” but “not nasty like the combo of Trump and Pence being served up to me in my voting booth.”

Her tone got decidedly nastier, Houck observed, posting more of her rant:

I am nasty like my bloodstains on my bed sheets. We don’t actually choose if and when we had our periods. Believe me, if we could, some of us would. We do not like throwing away our favorite pairs of underpants. Tell me. Why are pads and Tampx taxed — oh, that was a brand name — why are tampons and pad still taxes when Viagra and rogaine are not? Is your erection really more than protecting the sacred parts of my womanhood? Is the blood stain on my jeans more embarrassing than the thinning of your hair?

Here’s video, if you can stomach it:

This, by the way, is the Borg-like collective known as the modern American left.  In addition to proving that hers is an ideology of insane rage and hate, Judd demonstrated why her side lost.

Just think — we have at least four more years of this stupidity to look forward to…


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