As Trump departs, press can’t resist taking final digs

President Donald Trump is fading fast into the history boosk but not so fast the media can’t take a few parting swipes.(C-SPAN snip)

As President Donald Trump prepared to head for Florida on his final trip aboard Air Force One, the establishment media, which seemed to openly dislike him, was taking a final opportunity to say goodbye when what they really have in mind is “good riddance.”

Trump was never “one of them,” that inside-the-Beltway fraternity he often referred to as “The Swamp,” and in the end he discovered that it engulfed people in his own party who are evidently not sorry to see him go. He was determined to upset apple carts, which seem to be in abundance on Capitol Hill, at least to his loyal followers.

Axios is reporting that “Congressional leaders, including House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, will skip President Trump’s departure ceremony in Maryland tomorrow morning in favor of attending mass with incoming President Joe Biden ahead of his inauguration.”

McClatchy is reporting, “In his final days in office, Trump found friends and political allies in short supply following the deadly Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, when a mob of his supporters breached the building to try and stop the formal certification of his election loss to Joe Biden. He leaves Washington with his Republican Party out of power and his popularity at the lowest point of his presidency.

“Republicans who had tolerated and at times cheered Trump mostly abandoned him,” the report added. “Conservative leaders declined to speak with Trump or offer public praise for him on his way out.”

An Associated Press story described the outgoing president as a man “who remains consumed with anger and grievance over his election loss.”

But MSN seemed to at least try some semblance of balance, observing, “For now, some of Corporate America’s biggest names are shunning the businessman president, ‘de-platforming’ him on social media and cutting him off from certain professional and financial services. Tens of millions of his fellow citizens will continue to revile him, rendering the Trump brand toxic to half the country and harming prospects for his real estate, hotel and golf resort empire.

“But tens of millions of other Americans are likely to form a durable base of support,” the story said, shifting gears, “making Trump a political force for years to come regardless of whether he seeks the presidency again…Though Trump will likely be frozen out of mainstream media opportunities, he could launch his own endeavors focused on his conservative base, perhaps a Trump network to go head-to-head with Fox News or a Trump social media site to compete with Twitter.”

Perhaps in a few years, observers may reflect differently on the man who entered the White House after promising to bring balance to the federal courts—which he largely did while Democrats nipped at his heels and their media allies got in his face—bring jobs back to America—which he also did, producing record unemployment even among minorities. He brokered Middle East peace accords, earning nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize. But perhaps he was too eager to pat his own back about such things. On the other hand, nobody other than Fox News seemed in a rush to give Trump an “Attaboy.”

He is the first president in recent memory to consistently mention protecting the Second Amendment during his rally speeches. He supported law enforcement and clearly disliked the practice of politics that didn’t seem to accomplish much.

But he also didn’t always practice smart politics, going after people in public when a private conversation would have been better. His criticisms of Georgia’s governor and secretary of state may have cost Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler their jobs earlier this month, and with them, the majority Republicans so desperately needed in order to block the Biden agenda.

Trump came from a business background, where you finish jobs and move onto the next project while trying to keep costs inline. Career politicians find ways to study things into oblivion, with hearings followed by more hearings, and money is no object because it’s not their money, it comes from taxpayers.

He was hounded from Day One about a Russian scandal that, by conservative accounts, never existed and may even have been invented by his opponent in 2016.

Impeachment was an issue that came up even before Trump took the oath of office. Supporters say he never enjoyed a “honeymoon” with the press as other presidents have because it was war from the outset. Did reporters dislike Trump because of his ego, attitude or conservative “drain the swamp” politics, or because he beat Hillary Clinton when that seemed impossible (especially to a herd of political pundits)? Or a combination of all those things?

His tweets, his mannerisms, his habit of exaggerating annoyed the media, which never really liked Trump, anyway. His successes were invariably downplayed, his faults amplified.

Now he’s being replaced by a Beltway insider who is already declaring war on America’s gun owners, threatening to halt the Keystone pipeline project, reverse many of Trump’s executive decisions and generally take the country into the left turn lane.


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