Army Reserve officer’s anti-military, leftist Twitter tirade under investigation

Joining the U.S. military is voluntary and a privilege in this country, but it seems that some active and reserve members believe they can trash the military all the while being paid and collecting the benefits (U.S. tax dollars) for doing so.

The latest active member, Capt. Brittany DeBarros, who is assigned to the Army Psychological Operations Command, according to an Army spokesman and reported by the Army Times, and her command, is being investigated after she expressed disapprove of the military and the Department of Defense.

The Army Times reported:

An Army Reserve psychological operations officer is on day seven of 14-orders, according to her Twitter account, and she’s taking the opportunity to let the internet know she does not approve of the Defense Department.

DeBarros did not respond to multiple requests via Facebook for comment.

She’s the latest soldier to be investigated for behavior on social media, after 2nd Lt. Spenser Rapone, then a 10th Mountain Division platoon leader, faced separation after sharing his communist sympathies on Twitter.

DeBarros’ tweets have discussed defense spending, industry lobbying, civilian casualties and American military installations abroad, among other topics.

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While Army Reserve and National Guard soldiers are allowed to make public political statements while in a civilian status, those actions are against regulations while the troops are on active orders.

On her Facebook page, on July 14, she said, “I’m on Army Orders for the next 14 days and there’s not much I can do about that. WHAT I CAN DO is schedule daily posts in my absence with facts about the horror being carried out by our war machine for profit. Please consider sharing. DAY 1. #DropTheMIC #GIResistance.”

Then on July 12, DeBarros stated, “I actually feel a physical ache in my chest when people make light of the horror carried out by the W Bush administration. Two wars based on lies, the patriot act, torture, endless detentions at Guantanamo bay that continue, widespread espionage on the American people, the rise of social and structural islamophobia….to me, losing a sense of the magnitude of atrocities we can thank him for is the same kind of nostalgic whitewashing of the past that has been done about colonization, slavery, Jim Crow etc. If we are prepared to absolve him , even a little, because the guy he set the stage for is worse, then we are simply preparing ourselves and our posterity to minimize this current era too when something worse comes along.”

In response to what DeBarros tweeted and posted on Facebook, Sgt. 1st Class Stephen Crofoot said in a statement to Army Times on Friday, “We at USACAPOC are aware of the situation surrounding Cpt. Brittany DeBarros. To maintain the integrity of the ongoing investigation, we are unable to comment at this time.”

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