Armed Texians protect statue of Gen. Sam Houston

Texians guard hero’s statue. (Twitter)

Texians: That peculiar brand of human being that regardless of skin color or ethnic origin consider every other resident of the Lone Star State (Republic) as a member of their own family.

Case in point would be the hundreds that descended on the city of Houston’s Hermann Park, and depending on who you listen to, there were either a handful of Texians exercising their rights under the Second Amendment, or enough firepower “to lead a mild insurrection.”

An earlier disrespect paid to Father Ryan. (Twitter)

On the heels of the Democratic Party controlled New Orleans city government removing a number of statues and monuments to Confederate leaders, as well as anarchists in the Crescent City recently vandalizing the granite tribute to Fr. Abram Ryan, also known as “the poet-priest of the Confederacy,” heritage-minded Houstonians decided to make their presence known.

The Houston Chronicle recently reported that a group calling itself the Texas Antifa has demanded the statue of Gen. Houston be removed;

The group believes if other Confederate memorials can be removed in other cities, why shouldn’t Houston remove the Sam Houston statue? After all, he did own slaves.

“Comrades, we need to fight to remove the disgusting statues of ALL war criminals and slave owners. Texans want these statues removed!” the group wrote May 22 on its Facebook page.

“Texans agree the disgusting idols of America’s dark days of slavery must be removed to bring internal peace to our country. Several large groups of BLM have also pledged their support for this historic rally against the idols of an oppressive history, hence the name “Anti-Oppression Rally” – These statues are a slap in the face of all Black Americans!”

Sadly for the good folks at the Houston Chronicle, when no one from Texas Antifa showed-up on the as advertised June 10 protest day, the newspaper fell-back on the “we were pranked by the alt-right” excuse to save face;

In the wake of… reporting on the nightmare scenario of the beloved Hermann Park-area Sam Houston statue being under fire from an anti-fascist group, a few more details about the individuals behind the Facebook page were uncovered. Originally, this event and controversy was covered in a tongue-in-cheek manner, which was probably lost on a few people. Texas Antifa is not a real group of radicals looking to get ‘ol Sam taken down, but an alt-right troll job.

Nonetheless, more than a few folks did decide to visit Hermann Park on June 10. In a separate and more recent article by the Houston Chronicle, they are now reporting the following;

Hundreds of protesters, some of them armed, gathered at Hermann Park Saturday in an attempt to defend the honor of Sam Houston.

Carrying Texas and Confederate flags, participants seemed concerned the park’s Sam Houston statue might be removed since the historical figure owned slaves.

“Erasing history for the sake of political correctness or to make somebody feel better, it’s not just stupid — it’s dangerous,” said David Amad, an organizer of the demonstration.

The group wants others to understand Sam Houston’s contribution to Texas history. The demonstration was organized after rumors spread that a group called Texas Antifa was planning to show up to advocate removing the statue from the park.

But the group, This is Texas, was left advocating for a cause without the other side present. The anticipated anti-Sam Houston protesters were no-shows at Hermann Park. Throughout the week, media reports swirled that Saturday’s protest advocating the statue’s removal was fake.

Counter-protest organizer David Amad went on to clarify that the history of Sam Houston, unlike the Antifa movement or the staff of the Houston Chronicle, indeed does have more depth than a contact lens;

Amad said most participants were from This is Texas, a recently formed group that advocates for the state and wants to preserve its history.

He called slavery “horrible” and said he understands how some could have trouble dealing with the fact that Houston was a slave owner.

“Sam Houston owned slaves and that sucks, so say it sucks, but don’t discount the fact that he led the army that freed this state from a dictator,” Amad said.

Perhaps proving that less is more, the Associated Press also recently noted;

Houston was the Republic of Texas’ first president. While he did own slaves, he also refused to take an oath of allegiance to the Confederacy.

At Hermann Park and there’s enough guns here to lead a mild insurrection.

— Evan (@evan7257) June 10, 2017