Armed Robbers Target McDonalds- Bad Idea, Here’s Why

On Sunday night two armed men in their 20’s decided to rob a McDonalds in Besancon, France. They didn’t pick their targets well: 11 members of an elite French Law Enforcement and Special Operations Unit were eating inside the restaurant.

Never mess with the GIGN – especially not while they’re wolfing down burgers

The Special Operations Group, “Groupe d’Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale,” or “GIGN,”  were created after the 1972 Munich Olympics, in which 11 Israeli athletes were held hostage and all died in a shootout. The GIGN are known as one of the most effective anti-terror forces in the world.

Restraint…until the right moment

According to the Telegraph, there were around 40 customers in the restaurant happily munching their hamburgers, when two men barged in and torched off a shotgun round. They proceeded to “ransack” the cash register, getting over $2,000, and turned to leave.

The Special Operations men – miffed at having someone interrupt their Big Mac and fries – watched and waited, and did not draw their weapons in order to save the patrons from becoming collateral damage.

When one of the robbers tripped, the men pounced. One was captured , er, “subdued” without firing a shot, but the other one tried to get away with the loot and refused to drop his weapon. After pointing his weapon at the GIGN officers, he was shot in the abdomen.

Both robbers were taken to the hospital and were expected to appear before a French court. When they recovered, of course.


The GIGN specializes in counter-terrorism, organized crime, hostage situations, and protection of government officials. They are part of France’s “gendarmerie” which simply gives the the power of arrest, as in law enforcement.

One blogger at “baddassoftheweek” described them this way:

Trained with some of the most intense firearms qualifications this side of a Call of Duty weapon select screen, these ski-mask-wearing terrorist-annihilating police commandos are also the only CT force to carry motherfucking revolvers as their official sidearm, parachuting into combat situations or raiding terrorist-held container ships while packing a respectable-ass .357 magnum revolver that can rip off something like 200,000 rounds before needing to have its barrel switched out for a new one.  Founded after the Munich Olympics massacre in 1972, GIGN operators have performed over a thousand operations in the last 43 years, have rescued over five hundred hostages, arrested a thousand suspects, and wiped the floor with more tangos than a dance instructor.

If you f**k with the people of France, these guys are going to find you.  They’ll hunt you down Wild West cowboy style, attack you from land, air, and sea, and they won’t reset until they’ve Clint Eastwooded a magnum round into you and every person you’ve ever cared about.

Now you can use your imagination to figure out why both robbers were taken to the hospital to “recover.”

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