Arizona Governor Jan Brewer promises to fight ‘imperial POTUS’ on illegal immigration

Jan BrewerOn Monday, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer issued a tweet promising to fight an “imperial” Obama over his refusal to enforce immigration laws and provide a secure border.

The tweet came on the same day the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Arizona’s policy of denying drivers licenses to illegal immigrants who received deportation deferrals, such as those covered under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), violated the immigrants’ equal protection rights.   Brewer responded:

She then said:

In her official statement, Brewer said:

“Lawless decrees by the President demonstrate animus to Congress, states and the Constitution. It is outrageous, though not entirely surprising, that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has once again dealt a blow to Arizona’s ability to enforce its laws. With today’s decision, a three judge appellate panel, appointed by Presidents Carter, Clinton and Obama, disregarded judicial precedent and procedure. This continues us down a dangerous path in which the courts and the President – not Congress – make our nation’s laws. The ruling is especially disturbing given the current influx of illegal aliens, a crisis President Obama created and escalated. I am analyzing options for appealing the misguided court decision. The American people are tired and disgusted by what is happening through our federal government today, but they can be assured Arizona will continue to fight for the rule of law.”


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