Are Dems blowing it with ‘Trumper Tantrums?’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ignited public anger by ripping up a copy of President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address. (Screen snip, Fox News)

One day after President Donald Trump was acquitted in the Senate, thus keeping his job and leaving Democrats who pushed impeachment looking like spoiled brats who’ve been told “No” for the first time, a new Gallup survey reveals, “Nine in 10 Americans are satisfied with the way things are going in their personal life.”

Translation: Americans are happy with the way things are right now, a fact underscored by a report at Marketwatch noting the number of people who applied for unemployment benefits at the end of January “fell to a postrecession low.” According to the report, “Initial jobless claims declined by 15,000 to 202,000 in the seven days ended Feb. 1.

Meanwhile, two days after her “Seen On Live TV” destruction of the president’s State of the Union address in a huff, a Fox News Op-Ed by John Fund asserts House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “wasn’t just mad at President Trump…when she tore up a paper copy of his State of the Union message on national television. She was also probably mad at herself and her fellow Democrats as well for being outmaneuvered by the ostentatiously theatrical president.”

More than a few people suggest she never should have allowed herself to be gulled into the impeachment effort in the first place. Had Pelosi not let Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler run what amounted to kangaroo committee hearings, she and her fellow Democrats would not have been “outmaneuvered” by anybody.

Now comes a group calling itself “Train Democrats” with a Wednesday email blast asking recipients to sign an online card to Schiff, “thanking him for everything.” As it stands, maybe Pelosi wouldn’t sign such a card.

What is shaping up as a partisan “Trumper Tantrum” threatens to consume the Democratic Party, a prospect that doesn’t appear to be upsetting too many conservatives. But does everybody get to share the blame for what has just transpired?

Writing Thursday at The Outdoor Wire, editor and veteran scribe Jim Shepherd observes, “Instead of our applauding or deriding what we heard and saw during the entire tawdry affair, we should be shaking our collective head over the state of government.”

Shepherd is a guy who does not mince words when he’s hot on the scent, and what he’s smelling in the aftermath of the Trump impeachment debacle evidently isn’t roses.

“Those who govern work for…wait on it…US, not the other way around,” Shepherd observes. “So, we need to be about fixing the mess. And before you begin to say it’s not your mess, stop. It IS your mess. It is MY mess. It is OUR mess. WE made it.”

Shepherd is onto something. How many people who were among the 22,000 gun owners in Richmond, Virginia to protest new Democrat-created gun control legislation actually voted in last November’s General Assembly election in that state? Visit any gun show anywhere and you will encounter people who don’t vote “because they don’t want their names on a list” or because they’ve convinced themselves their votes “don’t count.” Those are poor and tired excuses for laziness.

How many people aren’t even registered to vote? How many know the names of their state and federal representatives?

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This is how people like Pelosi get away with making a career out of holding public office. That shouldn’t be confused with “serving” in office.

There is an election in ten months. Every seat in the House and several in the Senate are up for grabs. Shepherd has given his readers a signal that now is the time to get in the game and stay there, and he seems to be suggesting that if Pelosi, Nadler and others still have Capitol Hill jobs next January, that’s on you.


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