Arabic is the Fastest Growing Language in America

Muslims stone Christians in MichiganAmerican Community Survey recently studied languages used in the homes and they came up with some unbelievable stats.  The fastest growing languages in America are Arabic and Urdu, which is the main language of Pakistan.  In total, 63.2 million US residents speak a language other than English at home.  These numbers are troubling as we see what has happened in other countries after being invaded by Muslim immigrants.

In Sweden, there are 55 no-go zones.  When police are chasing criminals, the criminals drive into one of these zones because they know the police won’t follow them.  Police who do try to follow have their patrol cars hit with rocks and residents riot, beat the cops and sometimes even burn their patrol car.  Dispatchers refuse to send back ups in the zones.  It’s “Enter at your own risk.”

Another statistic that is alarming is there are 25.3 million immigrants who have great difficulty or cannot speak English at all.  Liberals continually tell us that this country was built by immigrants.  What they fail to mention is those immigrants from Europe came here and did not try to change this country into the countries they came from.  They insisted their children spoke English at home and they didn’t come here with their hands out.  Fifty-one percent of all immigrants get some form of welfare.

The immigrants who helped build this country worked.  My great great great grandfather, John Fleming,  came to this country at age 15.  He got a job shoveling coal, saved his money, invested in the coal industry and later became part owner of the Ohio Land Company along with the Cutlers from Massachusetts.  He later became a banker in New York City, where he prospered.

The report’s author, Steve Camarota, told Breitbart News:

“Immigration is not just an economic issue. English as our common language is part of the glue that holds our country together. These numbers suggest that the levels of immigration are so high that it may strain that. After the last great wave of immigration more than a century ago, the level of immigration was reduced and remained low for half a century, which helped with assimilation. With no pause in immigration levels in sight, the nation is headed into uncharted territory.”

Between 2010 and 2014 Arabic populations grew by 29%.  Urdu grew by 23% and Persian (Iran) grew by 9%.  91.4% of the recent immigrants from those countries collect food stamps.

America has left the building.


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