An apology that need NOT have been made

ya'alonIn an unsourced report that ran in Israel’s Yedioth Aharonot daily, highlighting words supposedly said in a private conversation with associates, last week Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon…a close ally and confidant of Benjamin Netanyhu and an outright vocal critic of John ‘Swiftboat’ Kerry’s so-called Mideast peace plan (translation: Obama’s anything but a peace plan)…was quoted as saying the plan was “naive and foolhardy.” Calling Kerry’s plan “inexplicably obsessive” and “messianic,” Ya’alon dismissed the plan as “not worth the paper it is printed on” and that Kerry has “nothing to teach me about the conflict with the Palestinians.”

Worthless puts it mildly for its Israel that’s being forced to make all the concessions…the so-called Palestinians give NOTHING and even negotiating with pro-Palestinian Jew-haters is a joke to begin with…especially when it’s with men like John ‘Swiftboat’ Kerry who ‘in-Israel’s-face’ siding with both the Palestinians’ position and wants is obvious to see when one looks past his ‘for the camera’ phony smile and spewed rhetoric.

“The only thing that might save us is if John Kerry wins the Nobel Prize and leaves us be,” Ya’alon said sarcastically, but we all know the very real truth behind those words.

jay carneyAnd when word reached an angry and fit-to-be-tied Obama about what was said about his farce of an anything but peace plan, he sent his personal mouthpiece Jay Carney and State Department spokesmouth Jen Psaki out to issue almost identical statements to the alphabet media stating that Ya’alon’s comments were “offensive and inappropriate…especially given all that the United States is doing”…and this part is outright comical…”to support Israel’s security needs.”

“Support Israel’s security needs”…NO I do NOT think so for why else would Obama insist upon Israel’s return to its now totally indefensible pre-’67 borders…which in some areas would be only eight miles wide…and to give up half of Jerusalem to the very ones who have NO rightful claim to Jerusalem in the first place. NO…what this proposed anything but a peace plan is really all about is the removing of the remaining obstacles in the way of Obama’s islamic buddies in Iran wiping Israel off the map.

“To question Secretary Kerry’s motives and distort his proposals is not something we would expect from the defense minister of a close ally,” Carney said. Ah…but it is something we would NOT just expect but welcome as the true words of a man speaking on behalf of the very country that Barack HUSSEIN Obama digs the knife deeply into the back of every chance he gets.

hebrew apology by ya'alonAnd after diplomats from the U.S. Embassy in Israel whined like little babies and complained about Ya’alon’s words to both the Israeli government and to the press, Ya’alon issued an apology for his words. Saying what was ‘expected’ of him to say as in “the United States is our greatest friend and our strongest ally and when there are differences they are resolved behind closed doors, including with Secretary Kerry…I will continue to determinedly, responsibly and thoughtfully protect the security of the people of Israel,” it’s obvious these were forced words said to placate NOT Israeli officials but to placate Obama himself.

Forced unnecessary apology for as Israeli Transportation Minister Tzipi Hotovely stated in coming to Ya’alon’s defense that it’s inconceivable that one sovereign state should be subject to the whims of another state. “There is a blatant attempt here to bind Israel, a sovereign country, to foreign considerations and interests,” Hotovely said. “Moshe Ya’alon stands up for our own interests…and that is exactly his job.”

arabs_vs_israelAnd anyway, there should have been no need for Ya’alon to apologize for anything he said… especially for words said in a private conversation with associates…for as Defense Minister of a nation completely surrounded by those out to kill her saying what he did is exactly what Ya’alon should have said.

But truth be told, this entire peace talks nonsense and Kerry’s recent bloviatings that the talks are moving forward on schedule towards the Obama wanted April deadline for at least a ‘peace framework’ to be in place is NOTHING but one big LIE (taking a lesson from his boss NO doubt) as there has been NO…I repeat NO…direct talks between Israel and the Palestinians for months, only communications done through American mediators…and we all know proxy talks NEVER result in peace, especially when one side speaks of peace out of both sides of its mouth.

Besides, NO matter what Ya’alon is quoted as saying or NOT saying comes close to being as damning as the words said and actions done by Barack HUSSEIN Obama against Benjamin Netanyahu. For example, in November 2011, Obama was caught on an open mic saying “You’re fed up with him, but I have to deal with him even more often than you.” after muslim-loving French President Nicolas Sarkozy told Obama “I cannot bear Netanyahu, he’s a liar.”

And remember, just this past November Obama asked…demanded really…that Netanyahu “take a breather” from his very vocal criticism of the interim deal signed with Iran in Geneva…you know the deal where Obama…through Kerry…caved to everything Iran wanted including allowing them to continue to enrich uranium, getting little if anything in return.

bibi at un1And who can forget Obama’s deliberate snub of Netanyahu in 2012 when he would NOT meet with him when both spoke before the U(seless) N(ations) when tensions were escalated over how to deal with Iran’s nuclear program.

And Obama NEVER apologized for any of this…nor was he expected to as any apology he made would be empty photo-op words and NO more.

So Ya’alon’s comments are only being used by Obama and Kerry for propaganda against Israel. And remember, the Palestinians want the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip for their ‘supposed’ state. Netanyahu wants to keep parts of the West Bank and says there is NO negotiations on Jerusalem which he will NOT ever allow to be divided again. And Netanyahu insists that the Palestinians recognize Israel as the Jewish homeland, a condition the so-called Palestinians claim would undermine the rights of Palestinian refugees and Israel’s own Arab minority.

But I say screw the so-called Palestinians (who are NOTHING but regular run of the mill Arabs NO different than any other Arabs) and screw Obama’s anything but a peace plan for his plan calls for a limited Israeli presence in the West Bank instead relying on sensors, satellites, and drones (Obama sure loves those drones doesn’t he) to keep the peace. And his plan gives NO credence to Netanyahu’s demanding…and rightly so…that Israel be allowed to retain an on-the-ground military presence along the eastern border with Jordan…probably the only Arab nation friendly to Israel and a nation that’s fighting NOT to be taken over by islamists…to prevent weapons smuggling or potential invasion by Arab armies.

israeli flagAnd Netanyahu is right for Israel can be overrun by the sheer numbers alone of those out to kill them. And Ya’alon knows this as well, and his comments made show that he is NO fool nor that he will allow Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his shill John ‘Swiftboat’ Kerry to determine the fate of the now and forever Jewish state of Israel.

Forced apology NOT withstanding.



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