AP: Soros-linked group goes after Joe Arpaio

It's the sheriff vs. the billionaire who wants to destroy western civilization.

Soros is now targeting Joe Arpaio
Joe Arpaio — Wikimedia Commons

How involved is George Soros in local elections?  According to the Associated Press, he’s targeted law enforcement candidates in an apparent bid to elect those soft on illegal immigration.  The latest target is Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

According to the AP:

Joe Arpaio, the self-proclaimed toughest sheriff in America who could face criminal charges for ignoring a judge’s order to stop targeting Latinos in anti-immigration roundups, may now have a new foe as he seeks re-election – George Soros, the billionaire liberal hedge fund tycoon.

The Republican sheriff already was battered politically and support for him had been slipping when a group linked to Soros mounted an anti-Arpaio attack in an attempt to weaken his bid for a seventh straight term.

The group started sending fliers to Phoenix-area voters two weeks ago, and a mailing last week accuses Arpaio of separating a mother from her child because of an unpaid traffic ticket, botching hundreds of sex crimes investigations and scaring immigrants so much that that they don’t report crime.

Arpaio denies the claims and has a warchest of $2.9 million at his disposal.

“Over the last year,” the AP added, “Soros contributed $3.9 million to Democrats in law enforcement political races in Chicago, St. Louis, Orlando, Houston, Albuquerque, Lowndes County in Mississippi and Caddo Parish in Louisiana, according to campaign finance records.”

But will Soros’ intervention make a difference?  The AP explained:

Chad Willems, the sheriff’s campaign manager, said he suspected a well-funded anti-Arpaio group from outside Arizona would get involved in the campaign but doubted it would prevent Arpaio from winning.

“He is a known commodity here. The voters do still like him,” Willems said.

Penzone said in an interview that he has had no contact with Maricopa Strong or Soros and doubted money funneled into the race would level the playing field because Arpaio has so much. He has spent $8.9 million on his campaign so far.


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