Antifa Thug Shot in the Groin Just Got Hit Even Harder [VIDEO]

During the Phoenix riots, Antifa took turns attacking the Nazis and the police.  One Antifa thug who kicked a tear gas canister at police was shot in the groin with a pepper ball.  He has now been hit a second time.

This time he was arrested and charged with four crimes, three of which are felonies.  He stands accused of throwing two tear gas canisters at police and kicking a third one.  Joshua Stuart Cobin denies that he did such a thing and claims the one he kicked (Which was caught on video) was the only thing he did and that was in self defense.

But, the lesson he has obviously never learned was that when you commit felonies, it’s not a good idea to brag about it on Facebook or in an interview with news stations.

In the interview, he said he got second degree burns from picking up tear gas canisters.  He said that he doesn’t consider picking up the canisters and throwing them back to be an attack on police.  Nor does he believe that kicking the third canister towards police was either.

Cobin works for GoDaddy.com.  It should be interesting to see if he loses his job like the protesters on the other side did.  I have no problem with this as Nazi and supremacist thugs should too.  Cobin doesn’t think belonging to Antifa is cause for losing their jobs but I firmly believe Antifas should lose theirs also.  This country would do well without either of them.

 In an interview with the local news station on Wednesday, Cobin says he suffered second-degree burns from picking up the tear gas cans and spent Tuesday night in an emergency room for inhaling pepper spray.

“I don’t equate kicking or putting back tear gas canisters as attacking police. I never attacked a police officer,” he said to the station, adding that he only kicked back the canister because he didn’t feel their response was justified.

The police have a different version of the events. “He has posted images and admissions to his crime on social and local media outlets,” said Phoenix police spokesman Sgt. Jonathan Howard, who announced Cobin’s arrest.

Cobin confessed to what happened on Reddit:

“The pepper ball shot missed Major Johnson by 3 inches north so all I have is some bruising in the groin area,” he wrote, adding that he witnessed a “peaceful protest” by the crowd as they were planning to march to the capitol.

He claimed that he saw “a character” throw a water bottle at the police before the police marched on the crowd.

“There were also a couple medium sized rocks on the ground,” he added. “That seemed to be the reason for the tear gas. I don’t know if it was instigated by counter protesters or just hooligans but that’s their reason for the violence.”

Phoenix police announced late yesterday that they booked the man on four criminal charges, including three felony counts of aggravated assault on police and one misdemeanor for unlawful assembly.

Cobin could very well be lucky that these are the only charges brought against him.  There is currently a petition at “We the People” wanting Antifa to be named as a terrorist group and with new and violent threats being made by them every day, it is quite possible that long before the 2018 elections they could so be named.  At that time, the penalty could be very much higher.


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