Antifa thug arrested seconds after assaulting Trump supporter — Video

Antifa thug arrested after assaulting Jack Posobiec. (YouTube)

In a video posted to YouTube Sunday, an Antifa thug was arrested mere seconds after assaulting Rebel Media DC Bureau Chief Jack Posobiec at George Washington University.  It’s unclear what prompted the alleged assault, but Posobiec said in another video, shown below, that he was merely engaging in discussion while handing out cans of Pepsi.

Here’s video of the assault and the arrest:

Posobiec also posted the video on Twitter:

Posobiec explained the situation in this video, saying he believes the assault was possibly pre-planned, showing comments he said was on the group’s Facebook page:

Posobiec said the case is basically a “slam dunk” and made it clear he intends to prosecute the perpetrator.

One Twitter user said it appears something is being handed off by the man being arrested:

In another tweet, Posobiec took aim at the so-called “mainstream media” which, he said, did not cover the assault:

Here’s Antifa’s response to the assault and the arrest, posted by Posobiec:

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MacAuley also claimed Posobiec gave a Nazi salute:

She also added this:

In another tweet, she seems to be proud of the assault, which she claimed never happened:

Posobiec has been quite outspoken about the violent Antifa movement, which he addressed in this video:


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