Antifa Terrorists Allowed to Attack in Berkeley Again [VIDEOS]

The lamestream media and their Democrat Party enablers have once again allowed terrorists to attack innocent citizens.  About 100 Antifa terrorists stormed through police lines to attack a few protesters who gathered to voice their opposition to Marxism, which is the guiding light to the former Soviet Union and the liberal base in America.

Once again, the Berkeley police stood down.  Their claim is that the violence would have been much worse if they had tried to intervene.  Is this the same way they would react to a bank robbery or a rape in progress?  Or is the real reason that the Berkeley mayor belongs to an anarchist group?

Patriot Prayer had cancelled their march because of fears that proved to be utterly correct, that police would enable the terrorists rather than to protect the peaceful citizens.  Even though Berkeley police stood down, they were still forced to arrest at least ten of the Antifa.

The same thing happened in San Francisco last week.  The marchers cancelled but the terrorists of Antifa still showed up and committed acts of violence against anyone they suspected of being a Nazi.  Liberals and the left-wing news media are holding up this terrorist group as freedom fighters the same way they have defended Al Qaeda and ISIS.

Is America headed for a recession?

Ironically these lawless youth who live in mommy’s basement were carrying signs that said, “No hate” as they beat up on people, tossing bricks and pepper spray at everyone in their path.  I’m betting CNN is discussing how best to depict the terrorists as the victims of hate.

According to the Daily Caller:

A hundred anarchists moved through the police line and were able to enter into the crowd of about 2,000 people. While there, the group assaulted some Trump supporters and other right-wing counter protesters who showed up to the rally.

The group attacked Joey Gibson, the Patriot Prayer group’s leader, with pepper spray and chased him to the police line. Gibson escaped them by running behind police officers dressed in riot gear.

Some of the left-wing protesters yelled at a Latin Trump supporter, saying he should be ashamed for supporting the president.

“You are an immigrant,” Karla Fonseca, a protester, shouted as the man held a sign for Trump. “You should be ashamed of yourself.” The man later explained that he wanted President Donald Trump to build the wall on the border even though he had been born in Mexico.

Will the police ever stop this violence or will the federal government be forced to do it for them?  Right now, there is a petition at the White House “We The People” website demanding that our government finally designate the Antifa as a terrorist organization.  The state of New Jersey has already done so.

They should do it and at the next anticipated violent rally staged by Antifa, maybe they should send in Delta Force troops to teach Antifa that violence does not pay.


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