Anti-Sharia Rally in Orlando – Silent Majority not Silent Anymore

Left to right- Rick Ferran, Outlaw Morgan, Joe Biggs, (War Pig) Cameron Goodyear

Orlando, Florida- As Anti-Sharia rallies commenced across the country on Saturday, Patriotic Americans took to the streets of Orlando. The rally was scheduled at Valencia College, the East Campus. It appears that the “Silent Majority” is silent no more.

The pro-freedom rallies were sponsored by Act! For America and were scheduled for 28 cities in 19 states, Orlando among them.

Due to death threats received by two of the speakers in Texas, Oath Keepers were contacted for security in addition to police for all of the rallies. In Orlando, only a few altercations and a lot of shouting took up the day.

Orlando Rally

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Rick Ferran, War Pig, Outlaw Morgan, and Joe Biggs walked through both sides of the rally, and what they found was enlightening. The left-wing/Antifa/Liberal side only took up one street corner across from the Patriotic Americans, who were scattered down 3 corners. Police worked to keep them apart as much as possible.

The Left

War Pig took a live video to the left wing side. While there he videoed one Patriot and one left winger that got into a physical shoving match after the liberal threw the first punch. Police took the Patriot person to the ground- they said they arrested the other guy, but it is unclear what exactly happened afterwards.

On man continually babbled, “Right wing death squads, that’s what you’re about. The US military goes to countries to kill people. Right wing death squads…”

Or the tambourine bashing lady who came up with some sort of chant about “hey hey ho ho, your racist ass has got to go” as the men walked by.

When War \ Pig asked one of the left wingers why they wore masks, he got no answer. One person flipped him off. One female in a mask appeared to feel so empowered that she got in another Patriot’s face and police moved her back.

Violence was most definitely manifested on the left: Joe Biggs was spit on, and sprayed with mace.

What hate exactly? One of their protesters came to the Patriot side and was greeted with …hugs. Another one who showed up on the Patriot side with a sign was left alone and no one touched her. Yelling at someone is different than physical violence.

When the Patriot team went to their side, War Pig was very clear and calm about having no hate. They accused Conservatives/Trump supporters of being Fascists, yet they manifested more Fascist actions than anyone else. Which, by the way, is a left wing, Communist/Socialist tactic direct from the Saul Alinsky playbook.

Rick and War Pig with Patriotic Americans
A young man of Cambodian descent who explains why he was at the anti-Sharia rally- he understands what it’s like to live under Tyranny

The Patriots

Rick Ferran interviewed several awesome Americans: a black female teacher who sees clearly that unless we stop the creeping Sharia in America we will be in trouble.

A young man whose parents came here from Cambodia understands what could easily happen here in America…”If you speak up they’ll flunk you… you really have to keep your mouth shut…It starts in the colleges…”

Another black gentleman is fully cognizant of what he sees as problems in our future from Sharia infiltration of a system that is not compatible with our Constitution.

It was pretty well summed up with one of the opposition protester’s sign that read “If you’re afraid of Sharia, you don’t know what it means.” Yep, that’s the left’s view of the whole argument – they’ve been told a lie by the Jihadists and they believed it.

Here’s the video. Warning: Strong Language

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