The Anti-Oscars: Tomi Lahren to host ‘Snowflake Awards’

Tomi Lahren - She persists. (Instagram)
Tomi Lahren – She persists. (Instagram)

Tomi Lahren and fellow Blaze TV personality Michael “Doc” Thompson will be joining forces on February 26 for the first annual Snowflake Awards.

Not exactly by mere coincidence, “The Flakies” will be webcast the same Sunday evening that the Oscars will be taking place at the Hollywood Highland Center in the heart of ultra-liberal Los Angeles.

And The Snowflake Awards is quite the apt nom de crise de colère the Right has bestowed on the hyper-fragile Left.

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Especially in light of “Love Trumps Hate” involving a lot more arson and assault than anyone could have possibly imagined, it’s a safe bet that liberals go from blissfully ignorant to full-blown batshit crazy quicker than a Porsche 918 Spyder goes from 0-60 (a law of physics shattering 2.2 seconds).


The Oscars limit voting only to members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, a membership undoubtedly limited to kale-crunching effeminates, but according to the LA Times a listing that is a “closely guarded secret.”

Perhaps a sign of the Trump-induced populism that’s all the rage, The Flakies open their voter eligibility to anyone with an internet connection.

As the official website states;

Please help us salute the fragile, frail, and feeble famous by voting for your favorite snowflakes below.

The Snowflake Awards was established to honor notable hypersensitive citizens, those who, when subjected to the slightest pressures of life, begin to melt!

Watch the Snowflake awards Sunday night 2.26.17!

The award categories and nominees are as follows:


  • Amy Schumer
  • Colin Kaepernick
  • Lena Dunham
  • Debra Messing
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Michael Moore


  • Matt Damon
  • Leo DiCaprio
  • Jimmy Buffet
  • George Lopez
  • Don Cheadle
  • Michael Moore


  • Sean Penn
  • George Clooney
  • 50 Cent
  • Mark Ruffalo
  • Michael Moore


  • TrigglyPuff
  • Female NYU “Professor”
  • Jimmy Kimmel
  • Shia LaBeouf
  • Chelsea Handler
  • Sarah Silverman
  • Debra Messing
  • Chuck Schumer


  • Moby
  • Donald Sutherland
  • Iggy Azalea
  • Rob Reiner
  • Gary Johnson

The Snowflake Awards website also links to the appropriately named DNC Trophy Shop.

As advertised, for a mere $12.50 one can purchase a “100% Safe-Space Approved 2016 Election Participation Trophy” that’s touted to “Boost the Self-Esteem of Liberal friends- Instantly!”

When your sense of self-importance dips.
When your sense of self-importance dips.

The same meaningless but important to liberals trophy is touted as a must-have for the narcissistic in constant need of reassurance;

This trophy will look amazing in safe-spaces everywhere! Have a triggered, holier-than-thou liberal in your life who needs some reassurance that everything will be okay?

Give him (her/it/insert pronoun of your choosing) a participation medal for their efforts this election.




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