Anti-NRA group calls for gun census program as part of effort to repeal, replace Second Amendment

A video posted to Facebook by an anti-NRA group advocates what it calls a “gun census program” as part of an effort to repeal and replace the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.  The group page, Hunters Against NRA, is quite small, with just over 1,000 followers, but the Facebook video has been viewed over 363,000 times.

The individual in the video, identified as “Skylar B.,” says that he is going to propose a nationwide gun census after Democrats take Congress this November.  According to Skylar, a census worker will go door-to-door, looking for anyone seen to be a gun owner.

Those identified as gun owners will be required to state how many firearms they have with a verification process that involves census workers going into the home to search for the weapons, he said.

“They will scour the property looking for firearms,” Skylar says in the video.  He further claims the census will start in two years, “tops.”

“This is one of the first steps” in repealing and replacing the Second Amendment, Skylar said.

Skylar, by the way, says there is “nothing extreme” about his proposal.

Even more interesting is this demand placed on the video:

“ATTENTION: As per our lawyer Andy…You are NOT ALLOWED TO SHARE THIS IF YOU ARE PRO NRA OR PRO GUN. This goes for sharing to groups, pages or your personal profile. Please keep the comments positive and constructive and do not comment more than 2 or 3 times a person.”

The video caption further states:

While we work on repealing and replacing the 2nd amendment, let’s keep in mind some of the other wonderful ideas that are being proposed as we march towards the inevitable victory we will have this November. Nationwide gun census. We should be seeing this in 2 years tops.

The group additionally stated in the comment section:

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Again… we were painfully clear:

If you are pro-NRA, pro-gun or pro-2A in anyway, we have requested that you DO NOT share this video. This goes for reuploading on YouTube as well.

We will be consulting with Andy today about what legal course to take involving harassments and assault. We have politely asked 3 timed now. Most of you don’t have anything positive to say about the firearms crisis or complete repeal and replace of 2A so you are welcome to leave as well. Thanks to everyone else.

There’s also this demand:

Insulting David Hogg or the other survivors is also not welcome or allowed here.

Creating negative memes about Skylar or our other members is not allowed here. You have the right to elsewhere but it’s not allowed on our page.

Response to Skylar’s video was pretty much what one might expect.

Request DENIED,” read one of the few comments fit to print here. 

Here’s the video, as posted to YouTube:

Oddly enough, the group also demanded that no one share the YouTube link.

“STOP SPREADING THIS YOUTUBE LINK!” Hunters Against NRA said on YouTube.


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