Anti-Gunners Rush to Exploit Alexandria’s ‘Political Hate’ Shooting

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, the Michael Bloomberg-supported gun prohibition group, wasted no time exploiting Wednesday’s politically-motivated shooting in Alexandria, Virginia, shifting the blame to guns and away from the campaign of hate that is being waged against President Donald Trump and Republicans.

Shannon Watts, founder of the Moms group – declared a leading “Astroturf” organization by investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson, which means they are a phony grassroots group – repeated a deliberately misleading figure, that “93 Americans are shot and killed daily” in her email message.

That number, if it is even accurate, is a combination of suicides, homicides, accidents and even justifiable slayings by police or private citizens.

Watts is hardly the only anti-gunner to quickly “dance in blood,” a term that refers to those who use such tragedies to advance their political cause of public disarmament.

Anti-gun Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe committed a major blunder when he repeatedly stated during a press conference that “93 million Americans” are victims of “gun violence” every day. At that rate, the entire country would be wiped out in three days.

The Los Angeles Times is editorializing for more gun control, stating “We also hope that the next time National Rifle Assn. lobbyists visit Capitol Hill with their guns-for-everyone agenda,” an assertion that is demonstrably false, but designed to whip up liberal furor for the organization. The NRA has no such agenda. The organization championed such measures as “Hard Time for Armed Crime” and “Project Exile,” aimed at taking armed felons off the streets.

The editorial was an attempt to divert attention away from the liberal hate speech that appears to have fueled, if not inspired, would-be Republican killer James Hodgkinson. According to Alan Gottlieb, founder and executive vice president of the Second Amendment Foundation, “When liberal leftists support the assassination of President Trump on stage what do you expect to happen? Hate speech and actions incite this kind of violence.”

The newspaper editorial also, albeit unintentionally, called attention to the failure of gun control in places where tough gun laws were passed to reduce violent crime.

“For instance,” the editorial says, “just 50 miles to the north, in Baltimore, six people were killed and two more wounded in shootings over Monday night and into Tuesday morning. And on Wednesday, even as police were responding to the shootings in Alexandria, a gunman shot up a UPS facility in San Francisco, killing three people and then himself.”

Maryland and California have among the strictest gun control laws in the nation, and the Los Angeles Times knows it.

WJZ in Baltimore, a local CBS affiliate, reported that city’s police have been put on 12-hour shifts in an effort to bring down the violence. Already this year, there have been 159 homicides. By this time last year, there had been 124. Gun control obviously has not worked.

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