Anti-gunners not getting away with it

594 hearing
Citizens gathered in Olympia earlier this year for a hearing on I-594 but lawmakers declined to act on the gun control measure.

Washington state gun prohibitionists think they are on a roll, pushing Initiative 594 as something of an underdog measure when they clearly have more money, not to mention chutzpa, but facts might catch up to them in their quest to pass a disguised gun control measure.

At the same time, an Illinois school superintendent is under fire for defending the language of a middle school workbook that distorts the meaning of the Second Amendment to include gun registration and it’s gotten rights activists across the map infuriated.

Springfield School Superintendent Bob Hill even got a blistering critique from Fox News Senior Legal Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano. Appearing on Fox & Friends, Napolitano said Hill is “giving students in the suburbs around Chicago an inaccurate understanding of their rights.”

Hill could use some instruction from one of Napolitano’s fellow New Jerseyans, 9-year-old Shyanne Roberts. She’s the gun-toting fourth-grader who testified before a state legislative committee more than a week ago in opposition to a bill that would limit magazine capacity to ten rounds.

Back in Washington State, supporters of I-594 are being disingenuous at best when talking about their measure. It is not merely an initiative that would require background checks on all gun purchases, but also on all transfers. That includes loans or gifts without money changing hands, with very few exemptions.

I-594 backers may think they can buy an election in November, but supporters of competing Initiative 591, which protects the current check system and will prevent government gun confiscations without due process, have a different outlook. Running a relative shoestring campaign at the grassroots level, they’re going to keep reminding voters of the hidden problems and contradictions in the 18-page gun control document.

These issues all tie together because at the center of the controversies is the Second Amendment, and its erosion by liberal gun grabbers. Judge Napolitano even referred to erosions of gun rights, and Evergreen State activists point to I-594 as a textbook example of such efforts.

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