Anti-gun Violence Protest in Chicago Shuts Down Major Freeway

An anti-gun violence protest was held in Chicago on Saturday that blocked parts of the Dan Ryan freeway. It was NOT led by “youth protesters from Parkland” it was led by an activist Catholic Priest named Michael Pfleger, 69, from St. Sabina church. But as with all of these “anti-gun violence” marches and protests, they offer no solutions, but simply demand more laws. Mayor Rahm Emanuel is supporting the protest.

Screenshot- Father Michael Pfleger

Police blocked off part of the freeway so that traffic could get through, but it will depend on those screaming “Shut it down!” whether there will be any arrests. Tension was rising as we were writing this article.

The vast majority of gun violence in Chicago stems from the gang community, in spite of their tough gun laws. Often innocent people are caught in the crossfire. Why is no one trying to fix THAT problem?

Shame they don’t protest in downtown Chicago. After dark. When all their friends and family are shooting each other

[Note: “bold and courageous” is not what we call it.]

H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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