Anti-gun PSA: Rogue guns kill people (Video)

It's guns that kill peole
It’s guns that kill peole

His name is Roger Goodman and he’s exposing the fact that it’s rogue guns running rampant across America that kill people; not evil people with access to guns that kill others.

In the video Goodman explains the reasons why guns should never be allowed in our homes, with our wives and especially not with our children. In this video Goodman also reveals the real reason “rogue” guns are the problem.

Goodman starts out by saying: “If you watch the news or read Huffington Post, you know that you’re 99.9865 percent likely to be a victim of a firearm accident the second you bring a gun into your house.”

In the video he claims the reason he’s “here today” is to talk about the issue pressing America; “Rogue guns running rampant across this land.”

You can check out the video below.

This video is meant to be satire, but it makes a person wonder if there are truly some folks out there who believe that guns kill people; not evil people with access to guns. If anti-gunners had their way they would impose stricter gun-control regulations on Americans so they would be at the mercy of criminals who don’t obey the gun free zone signs.

All an intelligent person needs to do is check out the murders in gun free zones like Chicago. Just over the Labor Day holiday weekend 37 people were shot resulting in six dead. The Chicago Tribune reports there has been “1,625 shootings, up 17.4%” from last year with “320 homicides, up 22.6% from 2014.”

The Chicago Tribune says most of the deaths are due to “gang-related” violence. The report goes on to say:

However, the violence is far from limited to just Chicago. The New York Times reported homicide rates have skyrocketed this year in more than 30 cities across the country, including Milwaukee, New Orleans, Baltimore, Washington and St. Louis, which has seen a shocking 60 percent increase in murders this year.

Some anti-gunners would have us believe that: “Guns are inanimate objects that kill people, and this one has a mustache.”

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