Anthropology Professor Denies Physical Science, Laughably Insists There’s No Way To Tell Gender From Human Bones

(Natural News) Is there any way to tell from human skeletal remains whether the person was male or female? Up until recently, the answer to that question from the scientific community would have been a resounding of course! In the age of LGBT delusion, however, the answer has become not exactly.

According to Dr. Gabby Yearwood, a professor of anthropology at the University of Pittsburgh, one cannot actually tell the gender of a skeleton simply by evaluating its structure because that skeleton, while covered with skin and filled with life, may have self-identified as transgender.

This is, in essence, the answer that Yearwood gave to swimmer Riley Gaines when asked if he can identify gender just by looking at human bone remains. Gaines’ exact question was:

“If you were to dig up two humans one hundred years from now, both man and woman, could you tell the difference, strictly off of bones?”

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To this, Yearwood yelled “No!” which prompted the room he was presenting in to burst with laughter. Yearwood responded to this ridicule by calling himself “the expert in the room” and reiterating his credentials.

“Have any of you been to anthropological sites? Have any of you studied biological anthropology? I’m just saying, I’ve got over 150 years of data, I’m just curious as to why I’m being laughed at. I have a PhD!”

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Men and women are different, even in skeletal form

When Yearwood refused to participate in an actual scientific discussion with Gaines, Gaines reminded Yearwood about what he should have remembered from his remedial educational courses on the matter.

“Every single rational person knows the answer: men have narrower hips, their skulls are different, they have an extra rib, their femurs are longer, their jaws are different,” Gaines explained to Yearwood.

Gaines, by the way, achieved notoriety after she spoke out against the inclusion of transgender athletes like Lia Thomas on female sports teams. Thomas is a biological male who is pretending to be a woman in order to swim with women and beat them.

To be fair, there have been instances in which female skeletal remains were mistaken for that of males, and vice versa. But these are mistakes, and are certainly not what Yearwood was making reference to in his attempt to deny science and gain favor from the Cult of LGBT.

If Yearwood’s views were an anomaly in the field of anthropology, it would be something of little concern. Sadly, his views are spreading and infecting the anthropological sciences all over the place as the idea of limitless genders takes hold throughout the West.

“It’s so confusing,” wrote one commenter about how LGBT ideology is ruining science.

“There is no difference between sexes – apparently – and yet it’s of critical importance that a person be given hormones, surgery, and some amorphic societal recognition (via pronouns, of all things!!) that you’re actually the sex you are not (for transgender people).”

This same commenter would go on to point out that the Cult of LGBT claims that sex is biological and gender is social, but then proceeds to muddy the waters by making both terms interchangeable as it suits them.

“Let’s pretend that a doctor is ‘assigning’ your gender to you when you’re born, when really they’re making observations about your sex. And that’s just where it starts, for the Left. It’s so confusing because sex (apparently) has almost no value at all – all that matters is one’s ‘gender identity.’”

The latest news about the LGBT takeover of the sciences can be found at Gender.news.

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