Ansar al-Sharia sets up training camps in Benghazi

A video grab dated 19 June 2001 shows members of SEver since George Bush decided to invade Afghanistan, Al Qaeda has been without a country.  But thanks to Barack Obama, they now have Libya to call their own and soon they may branch out to Syria. Ansar al-Sharia is busy building terrorist training camps and trying to undermine the Libyan government.  Obama started it off by providing them with air support against Ghaddafi and now appears ready to aid them again in Syria.

Ansar al-Sharia, the al Qaeda-affiliated militia, who are believed to have either led or taken part in the attack on Benghazi, are busy training new fighters for Syria.  When they have completed their training, they are sent to Syria to fight with the Al Qaeda backed, Al-Nusra Front.  Ansar al_Sharia has opened several training camps in Benghazi and to the East in Darnah.The terrorist training camps show that Al Qaeda is playing a major role in Libya since Ghaddafi was overthrown.  Libya is now considered the headquarters of Al Qaeda in North Africa.  Information about the training camps, which were established last May, was gained after forces took four of the trainees prisoner.

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