Another Obama first: Death rates increase for first time in 10 years

Another Obama first. Pixabay.com (Re-use authorized by Google Images).
Another Obama first. Pixabay.com (Re-use authorized by Google Images).

With his meteoric rise on the world stage starting in 2006, the past ten years have popularly been known among his admirers as The Obama Decade. Unfortunately for those that revere the former community organizer, many of the accomplishments under his watch may be more infamous than famous.

Other than doubling the national debt more than all his predecessors combined, and also with Obama at the helm of the ship of state, the United States has again gone without a single year of the nation’s GDP at three percent or above. And as reported by the New York Times and NJ.com on June 01, 2016, yet another historic first has come to be during The Obama Decade.

According to the federal government’s Center for Disease Control and Protection’s (CDC) recently released preliminary report of the vital statistics of the overall population, for the first time in years the death rate has increased. And not just for one or two demographics, but the mortality rate for the entire population. To hammer the point home, it was also noted that the last time the death rate rose year-over-year was in 2005.

Both the New York Times and NJ.com cite at least as contributing factors to the overall rise in deaths to an uptick in suicides, murder, Alzheimer’s Disease, and drug overdoses. Perhaps giving a new definition to understatement, the CDC described the rise in deaths as not only “significant,” but also as “unusual.”


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