Another manufactured crisis to divert us from Benghazi

Last week it was reveled that intelligence from conversations between Ayman al Zawahiri (the head of al-Qaeda in Pakistan) and Nasser al Wuhayshi (the head of al-Qaeda in Yemen), discovered that plans were in the works to carry out an attack or attacks on American interests in the Middle East as early as last Sunday…and the NSA intercepted it all.

Well, well… how convenient…we knew it would be just matter of time before Obama and his minions claimed that NSA spying saved us all from a horrible fate…and as expected it happened.

Deflect and divert has become an art form to these people, and the media is their private PR firm as they push the story that the subsequent closing of our embassies was in response to those threats, and using it as a way of justifying the NSA spying going on all around us.

Now I’m NOT saying that NO threats were uncovered but NO one with even one working brain cell would release specifics about that critical of information or what our response to it would be. All would be done secretly and covertly to keep the enemy guessing NOT blasting it out so the enemy could plan accordingly.

So, this disclosure must be promoted as NOTHING more than a coincidence after all the furor and bru-ha-ha about the monitoring of our personal telephone calls and internet surfing…but I think NOT for NOTHING Obama does is done by perchance. All is cleverly calculated, manipulated, and done with cutting edge precision to inflict as much damage on America and ‘We the People’ as possible.

And sadly, aiding him in this endeavor, whether deliberately or just through plain stupidity, is Saxby Chambliss (the top Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee), who said the decision to close the embassies was based on information collected by the NSA. “If we did not have these programs, we simply would not be able to listen in on the bad guys”…to which I say cluelessness has just reached a new level of absurdity because monitoring of ‘bad guys’ has been going on for years…years before Barack HUSSEIN Obama stole the office of the presidency through voter fraud, intimidation, and media infatuation.

And then along comes RINO extraordinaire Senator Lindsey Graham who had to stick his two-cents in and say that, “the NSA program is proving its worth yet again”. NO Senator Graham it is NOT for the NSA is now spying on American citizens…law abiding, everyday American citizens instead of what was its intended objective of just spying on ‘the enemy’.

So now the NSA is being portrayed as the heroes in all this, and sadly even by some supposedly on our side (we all know who they are and I wish they’d just put the ‘D’ after their name and be done with it)…people who should know better…as embassy after embassy remain closed in countries we have normal diplomatic relations with, and all because of a ‘nonspecific threat’ picked up by the very agency that is under investigation for overstepping their bounds…kind of makes you wonder doesn’t it.

And when you really think about it all…all the events of this week…all the hype and all fear mongering…this is quite laughable in its in-your-face obviousness for even while all this is happening Obama keeps claiming that the core of al-Qaeda is, as he says, “greatly diminished”. Well if the core is “greatly diminished” why close the embassies…oh wait…I know why…he needs the threat of impending doom to divert us away from all the new Benghazi information that’s starting to leak out….he needs that threat so we’ll stop whining that we’re being spied on…as in Big Brother is watching us…by the very people who saved our embassy personnel from a horrible fate.

Sickening…it’s all quite sickening.

And while the parade of Obama mouthpieces appeared on the usual left-leaning talk shows over the weekend (shades of Susan Rice I’d say), and continue to do so as the week progresses, promoting the Obama prearranged lying rhetoric that the security threat to our embassies proves just how necessary the NSA spying program is in order to keep us safe both at home and overseas, prosecutors have now filed the first charges against militia leader Ahmed Khattalah in the ‘muslim terrorist attack’ (three words that you know you’ll never hear from Obama’s mouth) on the Benghazi consulate.

Yeah, it’s well and fine to charge the militia leader who carried out the actual attack but the prosecutors keep ignoring the man (who I believe is) behind it all…ignoring the man who told those who could help to ‘stand down’…ignoring the man who caused Benghazi in the first place with his under-the-table gun running to the al-Qaeda backed Syrian rebels…ignoring the man who deliberately and with malice left four Americans behind to be brutally murdered by his muslim brethren…yeah, keep ignoring that man and these prosecutors become just as guilty as the man they ignored…Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

And so the plot thickens as Obama hopes his manufactured embassy crisis gives the NSA hero status to counter the before unheard of spying on ‘We the People’ and takes our minds off Benghazi…well guess what…if there’s even one patriot left who will NOT let Benghazi be forgotten Barack HUSSEIN Obama will somehow someway be made to answer for leaving four Americans behind to die.


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