Another Leak: 50 Subpeonas/Search Warrants Issued to Trump Supporters Before It Happened.

In another leak to the press by someone with knowledge of Grand Jury actions, Politico published leaked information that around 50 Trump supporters were targeted with “overbroad” subpeonas and search warrants reference a Grand Jury investigation. Before they were raided.  Grand Juries investigations are supposed to be ‘secret.’  Not in DC, they’re not, and not at the DOJ they’re not. The Swamp makes absolutely certain of that. In an interview with GOP attorney Harmeet K. Dhillon on Tucker Carlson, she laid out the problem of subpeonas and search warrants issued to Trump Supporters.

“DOJ’s “Capitol Seige Section” has been busy these last few days: someone told a Politico reporter that 50 or so search warrants and grand jury subpoenas were being issued to Trump allies—before it happened. Clients, already being harassed by House J6 Committee investigators were served w/extremely broad subpoenas, or warrant for phone/device. Our clients @america1stwomen are among those targeted for their peaceful, First-Amendment-protected, speech about 2020 election. These bullying tactics are designed to target & intimidate Trump supporters.” Harmeet K. Dhillon, attorney at Liberty Center


The tactic of using overbroad subpeonas and search warrants is also illegal, but are serving the left well in the last couple of years. The raids moved from just two or three up to 35 in one day.

Is America headed for a recession?

“When 35 Trump allies have their homes raided by the FBI in a single day, we don’t live in a free country anymore.” Brigitte Gabriel

Many Trump supporters and allies have already been harrassed by January 6th goons. This is simply another landmine set by Democrats to prevent Trump from running again.

“The subpoenas, Dhillon said, “ask for broad categories of documents. They ask for all communications dating from a month before the election until a month, two months after the election. And they ask for all communications regarding dozens of people and the categories are alternate electors, fundraising around irregularities around the election, and also a rally that happened before the January 6th situation at the Capitol.” Just the News 

The DOJ is also looking into the Save America PAC. The obvious plan here is to intimidate Trump supporters and donors. The Democrat hate machine has bypassed the normal checks and balances of the government to push the narrative that Trump supporters are “threats to democracy.” And judges, as well as media are falling line with it. Democrats are desperate to keep Trump out of the 2024 election, and lies are part and parcel of that plan. the DOj is also stretched extremely thin, with personnel being used for a plethora of Democrat-planned investigations.

Gabriel is correct- we don’t live in a free country anymore. The hate-filled Democrat juggernaut is on a roll and they don’t give a flea’s rear end about your Constitutional rights.



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Faye Higbee

Faye Higbee is the columnist manager for Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. She has been writing at Conservative Firing Line since 2013 as well. She is also a published author.

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