Another Day, Another Fake Minority Professor

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fakeI can’t understand it.  On a daily basis we are told how bad minorities have it in this country but we are continually finding white people masquerading as black, brown or Indian.

There is Rachel Dolezal, Shaun King, UC Riverside professor Andrea Smith, Ward Churchill and now Dartmouth professor Susan Taffe Reed.  I have a theory about this.

Universities want to prove they are tolerant by having classes designed for minorities, but their professors don’t want to actually have to call them colleagues, so they hire fakers who “identify” as a minority.

Susan Taffe Reed is the director of the school’s Native American House.  As such, she will be responsible for organizing the annual PowWow.  She will also be an advocate for Native American students.

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On her Faculty Page, the school identifies her as the president of Eastern Delaware Nations.  Sound impressive?  Not so much.  There is no such recognized tribe and the organization freely admits that many of their members have no Indian blood whatsoever.

Reed is one of them.

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