Another Anti-Trump Hoax Crime Bites the Dust

anti-trump hoax
Featured photo: Screenshot of Halley Bass in court via MLive

Ann Arbor, Michigan – Last November 15th, Halley Bass told police that a 45 year old white stranger scratched her face because she was wearing a safety pin which was used to protest the election of Donald Trump, Brexit, and to show “solidarity” with minorities. Halley Bass admitted that the report was false – she has been charged with filing a false police report.

“Flat out, it did not happen.” Ann Arbor police Detective Lt. Matthew Lige

Her story didn’t jive when police and the FBI interviewed her. Bass told the court that she was “depressed” when she reported the incident.

“I was suffering from depression at the time. I made a superficial scratch on my face. It was visible and I was embarrassed about what I’d done. So I made up a story and told a friend that a stranger had done it while I was walking. I was encouraged to report it to the police. I made the mistake of doing that.” Halley Bass

Her attorney recommended she be sentenced to a mental health program.

Fabricated claims

Then there was the Muslim woman from the University of Michigan who claimed on November 11 that a white male threatened to burn her hijab. That one has also been proven false. After a review of surveillance footage- hours of it- police did not find the woman anywhere. Inconsistencies in her statement led police to state that her report was false.

Of course, CAIR got involved and demanded action, the University went ballistic and an “alert” was sent out, and a unity rally was held…all over a fabricated report. The woman was not named in any of the reports, but police said they turned over their findings to the prosecutor for charges. Since the crime she reported was a felony, she also could have been charged with one in addition to filing a false police report.

Time, Resources lost

Another report in which a woman in Muslim attire may have been pushed down a hill from November 12 may be true or not, as the investigation has “gone stale.” Police are looking for anyone with leads.

“Certainly there were other investigations that were stalled because of the high-profile nature of these two – these three, rather. These three investigations were incredibly time-consuming given the nature of the allegations and the collaboration from the local law enforcement and the federal law enforcement was very much appreciated. From an investigator’s standpoint, to get to the conclusion that these never happened at all is certainly very frustrating.”

After the election of Donald Trump, “hate crimes” were reported all over the country. Many of them are being proven false.

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