Angry Sanders supporters #FeelTheBern, file lawsuit against DNC

Facing a lawsuit (screen capture).
Facing a lawsuit (screen capture).

Democrats try to get lawsuit thrown out on a hyper-technicality…

To put a twist on the old adage, hell hath no fury like a class action lawsuit. With that said, it may be time for Hillary to break out her asbestos pantsuit. And it might be a good idea if someone would alert the 99 percent of the American media that’s ignoring this.

As of press time, the only major US news service to even bother mentioning a lawsuit was brought against Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC is the Wall Street Journal. And said lawsuit sure looks to be a doozie.

As reported, 150 plaintiffs, mostly Bernie Sanders supporters and a number of known DNC donors filed a class action lawsuit against  the Democratic National Committee and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Filed in the US District Court of Southern Florida in Ft. Lauderdale “alleging that DNC ‘actively concealed its bias’ from its donors and Democrats backing Mr. Sanders.” In layman’s terms, the suit “alleges fraud and negligent misrepresentation. It also claims negligence related to allegations of a data breach by Russian hackers.”

“[T]he DNC was biased in favor of one candidate – Hillary Clinton – from the beginning and throughout the process,” the plaintiffs state in their complaint. “[I]n spite of the [DNC’s] governing Charter and its multiple public statements, the DNC devoted its resources to propelling Clinton’s candidacy ahead of all of her rivals, even if this meant working directly against the interests of Democratic Party members, including Bernie Sanders’ supporters.”

Without fail, lawyers for the DNC and Schultz have sought to “dismiss the lawsuit for procedural reasons. In court papers filed Friday, they stated that the complaint was never properly served on the defendants.”

Using their best legalese, DNC lawyers also said plaintiffs have “fail[ed] to identify any discernable legal theory pursuant to which their allegations, even if proven, would be actionable.”


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