Angry at the Dutch: Turkish gov’t ‘seals off’ Dutch embassy, ambassador’s residence

Angry Turks take to Dutch streets in protest. (Twitter)
Angry Turks take to Dutch streets in protest. (Twitter)

Despite being a NATO ally to the Dutch, the Turkish government has “sealed off” a number of locations in the capital city of Ankara that are actually the sovereign soil of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Ratcheting up the heat, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has referred to his treaty partners in The Hague as “Nazis” and “fascists” for not allowing Turkish government officials permission to campaign in Holland proper.

Britain’s The Independent is reporting that the Turks not only sealed off the Dutch embassy, but also the consulate, the residence of Holland’s ambassador, as well as residence of the consul general.

As it turns out,the Dutch have allowed their citizens who also happen to simply be of “a Turkish background” can lawfully cast their ballots in an upcoming Turkish referendum of the Turkish constitution.”

The portal cites that the upcoming Turk referendum very well may grant “sweeping new powers to the Turkish president.”

Also reported, Ankara’s Foreign Affairs Minister Mevlüt Cavusoglu was planning to attend a pro-Erdogan rally in the heavily Turkish populated city of Rotterdam.

But that’s where things went off the rails for the Turks. The Dutch government refused Cavusoglu’s airplane permission to land on Dutch soil.

Loyal to the House of Orange, a patriotic Dutchwoman shows her national pride.
Loyal to the House of Orange, a patriotic Dutchwoman shows her national pride.

Reporters Lizzie Dearden and Harriet Agerholm of The Independent note of an official announcement;

“The Dutch government does not have any opposition to gatherings in our country to inform them about it. But these gatherings are not allowed to contribute to tensions in our society and everyone who wants to hold a gathering is obliged to follow instructions of those in authority, so that public order and safety can be guaranteed.”

Nonetheless, an obviously angered Erdogan name-called the Dutch the same labels he recently used against Germany who also forbade entry to pro-Erdogan Turkish officials;

“You can stop our foreign minister’s plane all you want, let’s see how your planes will come to Turkey from now on,” Mr Erdogan told booing crowds.

“They do not know politics or international diplomacy… these Nazi remnants, they are fascists.”

For his part, the Turkish FM Cavusoglu said the decision was “a scandal in every way and cannot be accepted.”

Also noted;

Hundreds of protesters gathered near the Dutch Embassy in the Turkish capital Ankara, despite the street where it is located being sealed off by police.

Demonstrators waved Turkish and Ottoman flags, shouted anti-Dutch slogans and some threw eggs, according to state-run TRT Television.

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Known for his plain speaking manner the Islamization of Europe, Dutch politician Geert Wilders stated;

“Leave us alone, lobby in your own country, and stay away,” he said ahead of Mr Cavusoglu’s planned rally.

“We would not allow lobbying for North Korea or Saudi Arabia in our country either,” he added, calling for the entire Turkish cabinet to be declared “persona non grata”.