Andrea Tantaros rips MSNBC rival Mika Brzezinski

Chick fight. Photos: Youtube.
Chick fight. Photos: Youtube.

As Alice exclaimed in rather fractured English after she took a tumble down the rabbit hole, things certainly are “Curiouser and curiouser.” But instead of visiting a fantasy world populated by the likes of a slowly disappearing cat from Cheshire and a rather bloodthirsty queen who would be more at home with ISIS than the subjects of Wonderland, Alice just may have been following the trials and tribulations of America’s favorite conservo-babe.

Following last week’s sudden disappearance from the Fox News Channel (FNC), reporter Robert Jonathan of the new media Inquisitr.com new portal notes on May 2, 2016, that Andrea Tantaros’ new book Tied Up in Knots: How Getting What We Wanted Made Women Miserable coincidentally just so happened to hit book stands the day before she yanked her from any and all of the network’s shows. The usually left-leaning Mediaite.com news site published the rather laconic statement from FNC; “Issues have arisen regarding Andrea’s contract, and Fox News Channel has determined it best that she take some time off. She is still under contract with the network.”

Sounding more like a Josef Stalin press release than that of a self-touted “fair and balanced” major news service, the Inquisitr’s Jonathon openly stated what more than a few have speculated that possibly “Fox executives were displeased with her open support of Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy or that something in her new book ran counter to Fox policy.” Jonathon has made clear that the conjecture regarding the sudden disappearance of Tantaros is just that, but FNC’s rationale is leading to more questions than answers.

And regarding the almost simultaneous book release and Baby being put in the corner, the New York Post’s show biz industry-centered PageSix.com reporter Oli Coleman has thrown more gasoline on the ever growing #BringBackAndreaTantaros Twitter hashtag. As posted on May 2, 2016, Tantaros penned that her rival Mika Brzezinski is “’the nastiest woman on the Upper East Side’ because she claims the ‘Morning Joe’ co-host tried to humiliate her by pretending not to recognize her.”

The de facto heartthrob of the conservative movement called out her MSNBC competition due to a 2011 battle of wits and quips that saw Tantaros emerge victorious. After being named one of the hosts on FNC’s “The Five,” “she approached Brzezinski, who’d interviewed her on the MSNBC show several times, at an event.” It was then that things got rather nasty.

According to Tantaros, “[Brzezinski] furrowed her brow as if trying to search for recognition.” Eventually, Tantaros claims that recognition was feigned when she condescendingly said to her, “Ohhhh . . . You work at Fox because you’re preeeettty.”

Tantaros responded, “No. I work at Fox because I’m smart.” According to Coleman, “Brzezinski’s rep didn’t get back to us.”

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