And So It Begins — Brooklyn Church Will Remove Robert E Lee Plaque

The New York Post reports that a century old plaque honoring a Confederate General will soon be removed over concerns sparked by the events in Charlottesville, Va.  The plaque honoring Robert E. Lee is on private property affixed to a maple tree outside St. John’s Episcopal Church in Fort Hamilton.  The church has been closed for three years.

Diocese officials announced Tuesday that they would be removing the plaque following the events in Charlottesville, Va., last weekend and renewed concerns over Confederate symbols and statues….

The tree it is affixed to sits on the spot where Lee planted a maple tree during his time as a military engineer at the US Army base at Fort Hamilton in the 1840s.

The general was one of several military men who reportedly worshipped at St. John’s, gathering in a nearby structure that predated the current building.

The New York Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy later installed the plaque on church grounds in 1912 — nearly 50 years after Lee led the Confederate army during the Civil War.

“This Tree Was Planted by General Robert Edward Lee While Stationed at Fort Hamilton from 1842 to 1847,” the plaque reads. “The Tree Has Been Restored and This Tablet Placed Upon It by the New York Chapter United Daughters of the Confederacy. April 1912.”

No group or government office has requested the plaque’s removal.  It seems clear that church officials are proactively removing the historic plaque out of fear of political, financial, or physical reprisal.

If a 100-year-old plague is so offensive, imagine what is next.  Removal of grave markers through the South? Think I’m making that up? Two years ago a group of vigilantes began to exhume the body of a Confederate general and alleged member of the KKK.  When Antifa, BLM, KKK, or other such leftist groups demand removal of Confederate monuments and corpses from hallowed burial grounds, what’s next?  Burning Civil War history books?  Destruction of the memorials to the Founding Fathers, and public property enshrining their memory?

Where does this militant left-wing political intimidation stop?  It ends with the destruction of our Constitution and individual rights.

Exit question: Since we’re on a purge of all things connected to the Confederacy and Robert E. Lee, why is the tree allowed to stand?  After all, he did plant it himself over 160 years ago…


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Susan Swift

Susan Swift is an attorney, author, actor, and mother of 7 dedicated to saving civilization from the destructive forces of progressivism. A native Texan, Susan has enjoyed successful careers in film, television and law. She contributes regularly to conservative blogs Politichicks and CDN. In the book "Shut Yo' Mouth! How Liberals play the Race Card to Silence Conservatives and How to Stop It," Susan and co-author Kevin Fobbs make the convincing case that “white” is now the Left’s ultimate dog whistle for any conservative. Her children's books, Good Guys With Guns At Home, and Good Guys With Guns Abroad, introduce children to the "good guys" in law enforcement and the military who use guns to protect and serve. Follow Susan across social media @RealSusanSwift -- Her website: www.realsusanswift.com

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