And Justice for All…Except Zimmerman

You hear every occupier, liberal politician and race baiter saying we need justice for Trayvon.  But what about justice for Zimmerman?  Evidently, that is not a high priority with liberals.  They are perfectly happy, having destroyed Zimmerman’s life.  After all, it’s not the truth that’s important, it’s the campaign issue.  From the beginning, Zimmerman has stood by one version of that night’s events even after having been questioned by 3 entirely different law enforcement entities.

Consider this, if you will.  Every single piece of evidence and every eye witness account , Zimmerman told the truth.  And yet special prosecutor Corey seemed absolutely giddy when announcing she was charging Zimmerman with second degree murder.  She was positively orgasmic.  Yet, with the recent release of evidence, it becomes clear she doesn’t have a leg to stand on.  On the night of the shooting, Zimmerman was given two lie detector tests and he passed both with flying colors.

From the beginning, the press controlled the narrative in this case.  It begins with the subterfuge of using a 5 year old picture of Martin instead of a current one.

Isn’t this poor boy just adorable?

The press also told us that Trayvon was a sweet innocent boy who had never been in trouble with the law.  This too was a left wing media fabrication.  At the time of his death, Martin was serving his third suspension from school.  He had been caught with pot and over a dozen pieces of women’s jewelry.  Indeed, Martin tested positive for pot on the night he was killed.

We have since learned that the jewelry found on Martin’s person had been stolen and it would have led to his arrest, except for a politically correct school superintendent and his school police chief, who adopted a policy of not reporting crimes of black youths, in order to reduce the crime rate.  (It didn’t drop the crime rate, just the got caught rate)


Former M-DSPD Police Chief Hurley with son and wife

When the school found a dozen pieces of women’s jewelry and a watch, the report they made was for “found items” and not stolen items as was the policy prior.  As a result, the jewelry sat around in the police evidence room instead of being returned to it’s rightful owner.  The judge has ruled this theft cannot be used in court.  Why?

What started out like a clearcut case of murder has now become a clear case of self defense.  Now the prosecutor had all of this evidence when she charged Zimmerman, so why did she charge him?  I suspect, she is thinking elective office.  Zimmerman’s innocence or guilt isn’t even the question.  Noted liberal lawyer Alan Dershowitz, has come out and said alll charges should be dropped because not one shred of evidence backs the argument for murder.

From the outset, the media has tried to make this a racially motivated incident.  NBC went so far as to tamper with evidence in order to make it appear Zimmerman had racially profiled Martin.  The truth was, Zimmerman only said the perp appeared to be black after being asked.  Then they began calling him a white man of Hispanic descent.  Is Obama a black cracker?  In fact, Zimmerman’s great grandfather was black. (But he doesn’t have high cheekbones)

Zimmerman is spending money he doesn’t have for a defense he shouldn’t need.  As bad as that is, when the dust settles, where can Zimmerman live?  Where will he find someone willing to hire him?  His ife is destroyed because the press wanted an issue.  NBC should lose their license and be forced to end all operations.  ABC should face a heavy fine and Corey should be charged with malicious prosecution for her complicity in this fraud.  Maybe then Zimmerman could get justice, but don’t count on it.  Race baiters like Obama, Holder, Jackson and Sharpton would never allow it.  But decent people should push for sanctions against those who choose to deceive.

And now, Zimmerman’s lawyer is told that Martin’s criminal record and the fact he tried to buy a gun are not relevant.  Why not?  because it doesn’t fit the ideology.

As for Zimmerman there will be “No justice or no peace”

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