Anarchists Pick the Wrong Philly Neighborhood to Terrorize

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Geoffrey Suchoki, Patricia Monahan

Monday night, May Day, was a rough one in Philadelphia as anarchists caused over $100,000 in damage in the Philly neighborhood known as Old Kensington. But some of the residents weren’t taking the presence of Antifa/Anarchist/Middle Class haters lying down…they showed up in force to photograph the perpetrators of the vandalism and help nab two of them for police.

Summer of Rage

Dubbing the event “Summer of Rage,” 30-50 vandals descended on a neighborhood called “Old Kensington” at about 9:15 p.m. They scrawled things like “Gentrification is death, revolt is life” across the buildings. They smashed the windows of luxury cars, and apartments. They were also armed with flyers that said “mission statement on how to disrupt capitalism.” The vandals wore black and covered their faces, and carried instruments used to smash windows.

Anti-gentrification: those who hate development of an area to bring it up to middle class standards.

“Windows were shattered, and paint covered the side walls and sidewalks of several of the listed properties. Security cameras were ripped off buildings; windshields were shattered on several vehicles within a three-block radius.” Philadelphia Police report

But residents starting coming outside to confront the vandals.

“Everyone is coming out, and they are surrounding these people, and there’s the two of them completely alone. … Immediately they started changing clothes, sat on a stoop, and said they were waiting for a friend. We held them until police arrived. … They picked the wrong spot to come in and terrorize people.” Amberlynn Kabana, a neighborhood resident and real estate agent. reported,

“It was like we turned the lights on and the cockroaches ran in all directions,” she [Kabana] said. “We basically created this big wall. We decided to come out and be just present.”

That’s when the residents were able to corner the two alleged protesters, Suchocki and Patricia Monahan, 28, of the 1700 block of Lansing Street in Rhawnhurst. Police charged both with causing and risking a catastrophe, criminal mischief, and related offenses.

Geoffrey Suchocki, 45, and Patricia Monahan, 28, were two arrested thanks to the citizens of the neighborhood.

Point Breeze Arson

Earlier in the day, four townhouses at Point Breeze in another part of Philadelphia were burned down in a two alarm fire at around 4:15 a.m. Five other townhouses under construction were damaged in the blaze. It has been ruled arson. The developer, Ori Feibush, has been the victim of numerous other vandalism cases against his projects and offices. All had the “anti-gentrification” message attached.

Police have NOT confirmed a connection between the two incidents, but based on the core of the message, it is likely.

Antifa, anarchists HATE Capitalism and development of any kind. Renovation of neighborhoods is – in their view- something the rich do to put down the poor.  At least one of the messages in this battleground accused Feibush of forcing out black and brown people, and encouraged them to stand up and fight.

But the “fight” may be more than these self-styled anarchists understand. Some people don’t take kindly to property damage and violence.

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