Analysis: Will Democrats Try To Cancel 2022 Election To Maintain Grip On Power?

To win political, economic, social battles… we have to know the enemy. In this case, the Democrat Party.

  • Know the enemy,
  • Know Ourselves,
  • In 1,000 battles, 1,000 victories.

And knowing the Democrat Party we see the following:

They will do ANYTHING to cling to power. And it is clear to them that the mid-term elections of 2022 will be a disaster for their power grab.  Think about it.  They’re now calling parents “domestic terrorists” for protesting radical left-wing “education.”  Imagine what they’ll do to those who oppose them on the ballot.

While they were able to Pearl Harbor the elections of 2020, and steal the presidency and many senatorial and congressional seats, it will be more difficult for them to cheat in 2022. Pearl Harbors don’t happen twice.

The alternative for remaining power? Simply do what they always do. Find an imaginary existential threat to the American people, and use that as an excuse to simply cancel the elections.

Possibly the pandemic will be grounds for canceling the 2022 election. Fake science of Gates, Fauci, the CDC, FDA are already in control. And it would be simple for the fake science to provide an imaginary scenario where having people vote in person is simply too dangerous.

The elections could be “postponed,” until it is “safer.”  At least for Democrats.

Or become 100% mail-in voting. Another word for cancelation.

The corrupt, tyrannical Democrat Party will simply not relinquish their ill-gotten power.

They always follow the teachings of Joseph Goebbels, Reich Minister of Propaganda for the German Nazi Party.

And his teaching to them is this. His description of holding on to power:

If anyone tried to remove him from power, the could do so only by dragging his corpse out of the office. He said it clearly, and he is the lord and master of the Democrats:

“If we have power, we’ll never give it up again unless we’re carried out of our offices as corpses.” Joseph Goebbels

Democrats have two motivations: absolute power among one group of them, and massive financial power among another group of them. With their goals in site, with power in their grasp now, the possibility of allowing a free election to take place in 2022 is zero.

What then to do about this situation? Without an election, is there any out of the tyrannical trap which has been sprung upon us?

Planning how to deal with “delayed” elections must start now.

Among many possible successful non-violent, lawful plans would be simply having the elections anyway. Red States, Conservative States, Republican States would hold the elections.

In states under Democrat tyrannical control, as many elections as possible would take place.

The “delay” would be declared as unconstitutional, illegal, treasonous, and the elections held where ever they could be. Results must be clear and available within 24 hours.

A peaceful transfer of power must occur according to the law, with perhaps immediate effect.

It’s clear we will be facing either massive fraud or canceled elections in 2022.

The question is what to do about it? Planning now, means being ready now. No second election Pearl Harbor can be allowed. If it happens again, we will never recover. Be ready.

And as Winston Churchill said:

Never give in!  Never give in! Never, ever give in!

Even in the face of overwhelming force, Never give in!

It would be nice, if those who believe that we can vote ourselves out of Democrat tyranny in 2022. But it’s very likely we won’t have the chance to do so.

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