Analysis: The True Story of Afghanistan, Told by Artificial Intelligence (Video)

Democrats lied, thousands died

The Democrat-run government is doing everything possible to make us loose focus on the disaster they have created in Afghanistan.

Among their efforts, are raising the false accusations of a White Supremacy threat to security. And two days before the 9/11 Remembrance, to drop an illegal, tyrannical forced vaccination mandate on the American people.

And of course, such horrific methods to shift the narrative are to some extent successful.

But they don’t make Artificial Intelligence forget.

Here just a word about how, exactly, we are using Artificial Intelligence in this series of articles.

Basically we are using now cloud super computing. This means with permission of supportive people, hundreds of computers are linked together on the cloud. And together they provide a similar result to super computing. So our Artificial Intelligence information center is born.

This week, Baryal, an Afghan name meaning “brave”, is a translator that worked for the Americans for over ten years. He was promised that he would be taken out of Afghanistan if the American sponsored government fell, and that promise was turned into a lie by the Democrat tyrannical government.

Baryal tells the story in brutal honest what is going on in Afghanistan.

For example, the Democrat Party presents itself as the party which cares about women. But in Afghanistan, they have turned 15 million women over to slavery, torture, rape and death.

Baryal mentions the event in which a police woman, was in her home when the Taliban broke in. And they murdered her in front of her children and family. Brutally.

This is on the Democrat Party.

It’s clear that the words of the Democrat Party mean nothing. In fact they are speakers with forked tongues. Everything they say, the opposite is true. If they say they support women, anyone can see that they actually either hate them or simply don’t care about their fate.

The Democrat promises mean nothing. They are the group of broken promises, often with diabolical results to the innocents. In this case, while promising to get out the 80,000 Afghans who helped Americans, basically almost not were taken out.

In the so called air lift, Afghans were lifted out, but they were just people who happened to be at the airport and not those who helped us. Most are simply immigrants and many are no doubt terrorists.

The Democrat administration, the administration of lies, told the American people that the Afghans flowing out were vetted. They were not vetted and now those that are already in the US military bases and leaving. No one knows who they are or why they are here. But as Baryal will tell us in this video, many have come to destroy us.

As we will see, Afghanistan is a beautiful land, but turned into a living Hell by the Democrat Party. Is America next in line?

Dr. Joel S. Holmes (engineer, code breaker, investigative author of novels)

As many of you know, I’m an engineer, working in alternative energy. Hydropower, wind power, solar thermal electric power. This makes the a darling of the left and allows me to go all sorts of places where I get information to help constitutional conservative MAGA ideas. It gives me lots of materials for my Conservative action thriller novels.

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