Analysis: Science Is Never Settled, No Matter What Anyone Says

So, let us weaponize critical thinking yet again. Yes, if you have not read about the MIT study, you need to. It is hilarious in ways that make the left really say that obedience is necessary. So, onto another topic, though. We keep hearing about science being settled on several liberal issues, though that has never been how science should work. As soon as people start saying the science is settled, they get smacked with reality. Here are three examples of the idiocy of saying science is settled that have strong historical relevance.

Physics is Done

Few people know who Max Planck is, but he opened a crack in physics that has caused modern electronics to evolve and open the smallest areas to scrutiny. He was the person who did the first work into what is known as quantum physics. Even more than that, he is responsible for a few decades of some of the greatest scientific minds of the time being gathered in Berlin. This was stopped by the Nazis because of their hatred of Jews.

While Planck was a student at the University of Munich, he had a professor by the name of Phillip von Jolly. Jolly told him that “In this field, almost everything is already discovered, and all that remains is to fill a few holes.” when discussing the world of physics in 1874. This was said to the man that went onto write a paper about quanta that inspired a patent clerk in Austria by the name of Albert Einstein. The main paper this knowledge helped with is on something called the general theory of relativity now.

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So-Called “Mongrel” Races

Eugenics is thought of by most people as a plot issue in the world of Star Trek. It is not. It is where scientists set up ways to improve the human race through genetics, similar to the way botanists improve plants. One of the most famous American eugenicists was Margaret Sanger of Planned Parenthood fame. I disagree with the reason she first ran to England, which was she was considered a criminal because she sold birth control, but she connected with one of the largest eugenics groups there.

The group in England educated people and had many famous people from different walks of life. At one conference, people could see Charles Darwin and Winston Churchill. They educated people that the so-called “mongrel” races were hurting human genetics and they needed to be controlled. Their ideas led to several historic events of varying degrees of infamy. They educated people in Germany and some of these folks went onto creating what we now term as the Holocaust. Sanger came back to America. She educated groups like the KKK on eugenics and founded Planned Parenthood in poor and black neighborhoods to control those “mongrel” races here.

(As a note, the use of mongrel race terminology is their wording. Read the books by Sanger and other eugenics experts to see how they used it.) So, consider the fact that this settled science pushed by Darwin, Sanger, and the Nazis shaped the world and how that mindset is viewed now.

Aether or Atoms

Isaac Newton came up with a theory in the early 1700s about an invisible substance that was a medium for everything that was in reality. Most things went through it and there was even a special one for light. When atoms were being discussed and the theories about them were being developed, many of the great minds in the late 1800s were laughing, as the aether was “settled” science. Talking about atoms was blasphemy to those who worshiped at the alter of Newton.

Now that we are living in an era that has nuclear power, an understanding of the components that make up the components of the atom, and the ability to photograph atoms, this all seems silly. There were many who believed the classical aether theory set up by Newton was unassailable, but it was not.

Now, we have people claiming so much is settled science. They believe we should listen to scientists on every aspect of life, no matter the costs. Then again, they believe that Planned Parenthood clinics are in poor neighborhoods to serve them medically, not for the control of undesirables in the mind of Margaret Sanger. We do know there is no actual aether as what was in the mind of Newton and physics is far from done as a science.


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