Analysis: In Ukraine, It’s Genocide, And Until Now, Being Financed By Members Of The Democrat Party

Is there really genocide underway in Ukraine? Unequivocally yes! Reports are many including on the Mark Levin broadcast of March 3rd, in which a Chabad Rabbi from Ukraine described Ukrainians being shot indiscriminately if they leave their homes. Captured Russian soldiers comment on watching the Russian troops ordered to shoot civilians.

And in Ukrainian homes of the major cities, there is no food, no water, and often no electricity. Women are being abused and raped. Russian soldiers break into homes to steal food.

In the port city of Mariupol, the population was one week without water, food, or electricity for several days. In addition massive indiscriminate shelling of the civilian population is ceaseless. This will of course lead to Ukrainian extermination. It’s genocide, pure and simple.

The Ukrainians are fighting well and bravely, a light unto the world. Yet, time is running out. The whole country is being turned into a Nazi concentration camp. The Joe Biden regime, and Democrat Party, and in a sense the USA, are paying Putin’s economic cost for it. American taxpayer money is being used for mass murder of Ukrainians.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

Blood on the hands of the Democrat Party puppet masters and their robotic puppets. Lots of blood, millions and millions of barrels filled with oil and blood. Not only on the hands of the Democrat Party, but they are drenched in Ukrainian blood.

Without financing, the Russian war machine can’t use its power. And that financing until March 8th, came in the form of $80 million a day for 600,000 barrels of oil a day.

The Democrat Party, its puppet masters, the US was paying over two billion dollars a MONTH to support this genocide. Think about it. Without this blood money, Putin would have to stop.

Under the fake pretense of “Climate Change”, puppet president Biden and his puppet masters have in critically damaged America’s ability to produce oil and gas. As a result the US purchases oil and gas from overseas, and specifically from Vladimir Putin.

That’s right, the puppet members of the Joe Biden administration are financing genocide.

Let me repeat that: The Democrat Party representatives in and out of the Federal Government (the puppet masters) were financing Genocide against the Ukrainian people.

In addition to financing the genocide itself, the puppet Democrat regime in Washington and it’s puppet masters, refuse to meaningfully arm Ukraine and have refused since the day Joe Biden became puppet president.

As Russia began shelling the Ukrainian capital city, Kyiv, on February 27th… spokesman for the Pentagon, KIRBY stated that the US is looking for ways to transfer lethal aid to Ukraine!

Kirby is of course one of the US admirals who have never been on a ship or in combat. His job has always been writing press releases.

Kirby with a straight face, told us that the USA is “Looking for ways”! This is the typical Democrat insanity! Of course weapons should have arrived in Ukraine weeks or months ago.

It’s possible that all those wonderful weapons from the US which are promised, might arrive too late. For Democrat Party, this is Afghanistan 2.

As of March third, the US was still withholding Stinger anti-aircraft missiles from the Ukraine, despite promising them. The American puppet masters are letting Ukraine die, as bombs rain down on Ukranian cities and mass casualties are occurring.

Meanwhile on the other side of the ocean, Putin keeps repeating that he wants to remove the Nazis from Ukraine. But who is he talking about? The president of Ukraine is Jewish and was elected in a democratic election process.

The Nazi collaborator involved, is not even Ukrainian, but is Putin’s deeply hated enemy… George Soros.

The American fascist media was strongly pushing the narrative before the battle began and shortly after the invasion, why be worried about Ukraine? Let’s stay out of this. Then suddenly the puppet media shifted their propaganda radically to support Ukraine. Why?

To put it bluntly, because George Soros reportedly told them to. He is under attack from Putin and apparently sent out the word to the US government and its media: protect me.

In one sense, this awful invasion of Ukraine, is a sort of show-down between Soros and Putin. Two different sides of the coin of evil.

Putin sees Soros as not only destroying Christian morality, who was also responsible for the Orange Revolution in Ukraine in 2004 – 2005. A political revolution that chased out the Russian puppet Prime Minister, who was loyal to Putin. The present Putin Holocaust against freedom-loving Ukranians, is in a sense is a perverted and distorted war against George Soros who is actually a reported to be a mirror image of Putin himself.

What could have saved the Ukrainians is their own courage. But it’s not enough. They need weapons from the US and are not getting them. They needed the US to open the oil and gas here to cripple the Russian oil and gas industry. But we were not doing it. We were actually paying for the genocide by purching oil and gas from Putin.

The American “War Cabinet” the incompetents sit around a tabletop seemingly filled with endless white diapers brought for Biden’s use.

There’s no book “Warfare for Dummies” that can help them, and the people at this meeting are hopelessly in over their heads. All they know is that their puppet masters have ordered them to get going.

Democrats are efficient in destroying good things. Things related to freedom and the pursuit of happiness, justice and human rights. But incapable themselves to do anything good. Democrats are destroyers of the good, and always have been.

So we find ourselves in the shocking situation, that genocide is underway, and the enemies from within in America are financing it. And in a very real sense the Democrats contributed to provoking the Russian war by destroying American values, and promoting the anti-Christian moral and ethical perversions that drove Putin mad.

Our very own government is financing the genocide.

Nazi extermination camps, manned by the Russian army, are in Ukraine. The puppet masters of the Democrat Party, and their puppets in the Biden Regime have the blood of genocide all over them. Democrats are drenched in the blood of Ukrainian children.


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