Analysis: How To Secure Victory Over America’s Marxist Democrat Enemies

Last week we discussed the importance of deception in the battle. And note, that our battle is not military or violent. It’s political, economic, and social (social, including education).

Everything the Marxist Democrats do is based on deception. And in warfare, deception is the key to victory.

Basically, nothing we constitutional Republicans do is based on deception. And this is a key reason we keep losing. Battle after battle.

For details about how to win by deception, without resorting to the Big Lie, the tactics used by our Marxist enemy, see our previous post here.

Today we deliver the second blow to the enemy.

And that in order to win, we need to understand exactly who the enemy is. What they want to do and what they are capable of doing.

In addition, we need to understand ourselves. Where we are wimps, we need to up our game.

Again, Sun Tzu leads the way with advice. He wrote, that without knowing the enemy… without knowing ourselves… there can be no victory:

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.

If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.

If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

In part, we don’t know what the enemy is doing, what they want to achieve, and what evil they are capable of because the mass media hides these things from us. And of course, the Marxist Democrats lie about these things without ceasing. The basis of their power is the Big Lie. No difference between them and Hitler, them and Stalin, and them and Mao. If we don’t realize this, then we will keep losing.

Let’s take a specific example: the horrific inflation experienced as the result of President pudding-head Biden’s regime’s spending policies.

While Lunch Bucket Joe promised no taxes on the middle class, the inflation his regime has caused is in fact a tax and a large one. I estimate that at the current rate of inflation, real disposable income for us will be eroded by around 17% to 20% this year.

17% higher cost in food. In fuel. In electricity. In transportation… and so on.

The Big Lie from the Marxist enemy, changes according to the situation. At first, they claimed there was no inflation. That we should not believe our eyes.

Then they claimed it was very short-term and temporary.

Most recently they claim, that it is good, and is the result of a booming economy.

In the end, their Big Lie will be, and is already to some extent, that it’s a mistake. It happened without their knowing it or wanting it.

But if we are to be able to defeat them economically, we need to put on our Sun Tzu sunglasses and know exactly who the enemy is, and why they are producing inflation.

And to understand exactly how evil the enemy is, we look at one of their patron saints, Vladimir Lenin. And here is what he had to say about inflation as a tool:

“The way to crush the bourgeoisie [middle class] is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.”

In other words, by opening our eyes to how evil, scheming, hateful, and destructive our enemy is… that their intent in life is to destroy us… we then understand that the current inflation is part of their overall effort and plan to destroy us.

Their scheming and plotting and actions against us, knows no end.

As the Bible puts it:

“The wicked plot against the righteous and gnash their teeth at them” (Psalm 37:12).

All right, now we know our enemy, at least in so far as inflation is considered. Of course, everything they do needs to be understood similarly. Then we have at least a 50% chance of winning political, social, and economic battles.

Political battles include for example, of course, the Marxist Democrat election theft. It’s the basis of their control and victory.

Now to move from a 50% chance of victory against the enemy, using our Sun Tzu sunglasses, we have to understand ourselves. And at first, that might not be very pleasant. Basically, continuing with the example of inflation, we have simply caved. Ourselves being people who say, the economic forces are not something we can deal with. Not something we can control.

Until we understand that by a focused, vigorous response, we can end inflation and that we have the power to do so, we will lose half the battles. Inflation being one of them.

What can we do specifically, what can we realize that is within our power?

The first is to destroy THEIR economy. Plan, act within the law and peacefully, but destroy their economy. Think about it, and you will find a thousand ways.

Secondly, is to make it known to every American, EVERY AMERICAN, that their suffering is caused by the Marxist Democrats purposefully.  And that Marxist Democrats hate us. Us, meaning White, Black, Hispanic, Asians, all Americans.

We are their target. Until we see ourselves as not only a target, but a moving target, and one that can fight back, we will lose. So first know ourselves as too passive to win. And then know our changed selves as active for victory.

By combining DECEPTION, with knowing the enemy and knowing ourselves, we will win every battle.

Dr. Joel S Holmes is an engineer who has specialized in both alternative energy, and code cracking.

His books on Amazon open the way to political victory.

Such as Russian Eagle… Obama White House and many others. Which provide the facts we need to fight the political battles, and are also great reading, approved by experts.



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