America’s whiner-in-chief…whines yet again

whiner in chiefOh what a president we have as the blame game takes center stage…and the oh so familiar whining begins anew.

Oh what a president we have…a president who will sit down and talk with any vile despot, dictator, and terrorist group leader in the world, but heaven forbid he sits down and talks with John Boehner and the Republicans about the dreaded and unwanted ObamaCare or the looming debt ceiling crisis
Oh what a president we have…a president who protects by exemptions his cronies…his minions…and those who orbit around him…protects them from ObamaCare but sticks ‘We the People’ with this monstrosity. And with a possible government shutdown hovering because of ObamaCare and the debt ceiling crisis, Obama had the audacity to accuse House Republicans of ‘extortion’, saying a ‘faction’ of lawmakers threaten to force the country into default unless he agrees to delay or defund his ‘beloved’ ObamaCare…complete with its death panels and medical treatment decided upon by bureaucrats and NOT by doctors.

“You have never seen in the history of the United States the debt ceiling or the threat of not raising the debt ceiling being used to extort a president…and trying to force issues that have nothing to do with the budget and have nothing to do with the debt,” Obama whined at a recent speech to a nonpartisan association of top American CEOs.

Oh what a president we have…a president who had the wind knocked out of his sails when Speaker of the House John Boehner said the House would only pass a temporary funding measure that would keep the government running but at the same time would also “defund Obamacare.” Clever Republicans who cleverly constructed the bill so that the two are tied in together and cannot be separated…as in if Obama wants to keep the government up and running ObamaCare must be sacrificed to do so.

You could hear Obama whining from miles away as he just got checkmated by a RINO.

Gotta love Boehner’s maneuver…for its better Obama whining than Boehner crying.

And if Boehner’s plan unfolds as planned the government will still function and ObamaCare will go down…as it should…but as expected, yesterday afternoon Obama announced…in a whiny nails-on-a blackboard voice…that he would veto any and all defunding of his pride and joy.

Whining…the ‘blame game’…the hallmark of the Obama presidency…blaming everyone but himself…whining over and over that everything is the Republicans fault….everything…even the recent Navy Yard shooting is the Republicans fault because they would NOT pass his gun-control bill.

Oh what a president we have…a president who forgets that the reason the death toll was as high as it was is because the soldiers at the Navy Yard, like soldiers on all our military bases, were stripped of their Second Amendment rights by Democrat President Bill ‘Bubba’ Clinton in 1993. But the in-the-pocket-for-Obama media will NEVER tell the American people that so I will…’Bubba’ was one of the causes of this. And as expected the media and the liberal gun-hating left quickly decided they have a way to capitalize on the death of 13 Americans by twisting the facts and placing blame on the ‘bad’ gun for the shooting…blaming the ‘bad’ gun, not the mentally ill yet another black individual (can I say that…I mean it is the truth and all) who shot the supposed ‘bad’ gun…par for the course…par for Obama’s course of trying to disarm ‘We the People’ by any means possible.

Major whining as even blaming the ‘bad’ gun isn’t going to work to take our guns away.

Oh what a president we have…a president who opens his BIG mouth whenever anyone dares to criticize his muslim brethren but says nary a word of condemnation when at yesterday’s part two of the Benghazi hearings, the majority of Democrats on the Committee got up and left the room en-masse as they refused to listen to the heart-wrenching testimony of Patricia Smith, the mother of information officer Sean Smith, or that of Charles Woods, the father of ex-Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods. What amounts to spitting in the face of fallen heroes by his Democratic minions and this president looks the other way and says NOTHING…says NO words of condemnation for the truth about Benghazi must be kept hidden at all costs for everything leads back to Benghazi.

Oh what president we have…a president who sides with the enemy time and time again…NOT only sides with the enemy but funds them with our taxpayer dollars. After his Arab Spring disaster…after his siding with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt…just look at how he now sides with the al-Qaeda backed Syrian rebels…the ‘badder’ of the ‘bad’ guys…NOT only sides with them but funds them…promotes them…makes excuses for them as he looks away as they slaughter Syrian Christians.

But hey…blood is thicker than water and it’s muslim blood that courses through Obama’s veins.

Let the whining begin again as Obama is now blaming the Republicans who forced him to go to Congress for permission to bomb a county we are NOT at war with and who is NOT at war with us. Obama whined and pouted BIG time when enemy de jour…Russia’s Vladimir Putin…gained the upper hand and pulled Obama’s bombs away from him…diffusing the Syrian chemical weapons crisis…at least temporarily that is. And oh yes, showing Obama up for the weak ineffective ‘leader from behind’ that he is.

Obama is most assuredly whining about that too…emasculated by the Russian ‘Bear’…as he has been shown..and on the world stage NO less…for the failure that he is.

And so the whining will continue on…and on…and on.


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