America’s sovereignty trumps the almighty dollar

melding the us and europeCutting to the chase…we have NO cohesive foreign or economic policies in place…neither dealing with ‘those out to kill us’ or those out to bankrupt or sponge off us. Our policies seem to ebb and flow on the whims of this miserable excuse of a president and have NO substance behind them…and sometimes are outright unconstitutional.

And the ongoing Northern Ireland G8 Summit will bring all this to ahead for while the focus will be on the Syrian conflict and the meeting between the wars proxies, Barack HUSSEIN Obama and Russian President Vladamir Putin, other agendas are on the table but agendas NOT getting the media attention they so need.

While we’re all well aware of Obama’s foreign policy failures that include ‘aiding and abetting’ our country’s enemies, his global economic failures, differing from his domestic economic failures yet somewhat linked together, are NOT so in-your-face. As a man who is trying to surrender America’s sovereignty to the architects and supporters of the New World Order and Agenda 21, thankfully our Congress has prevented him from doing so…at least up until this point. However, Obama has now joined European leaders in pushing the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), a supposed trade agreement for combining the economies and political structures of Europe and the US. Claiming TTIP will help solve the world’s current economic crises, the reality is that TTIP involves more than simply trade as it’s been designed to force the US into ‘regional governance’ on differing issues.

In other words, getting us involved in things we have NO business being involved in nor do ‘We the People’ want to be involved in.

And totally ignoring the fact that the US is a capitalistic free market country and Europe, for the most part, has turned socialist NOT only in how it governs its people but also in how it operates its independent governments, yesterday Obama, European Commission President Barroso, and European Council President Van Rompuy, jointly announced that the US and the EU (European Union) will start putting together the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), will meet in DC in the beginning of July, and will work under the auspices of the Office of the US Trade Representative to get it done.

What Obama forgets is that the EU began as an economic and trade pact alone but that over the years has turned into a full-blown, all-encompassing national government whose agenda includes wiping out the national sovereignty of its member nations…something that they will most assuredly try to do to our country if we sign on to this…and Obama knows this very well but America’s sovereignty is NOT something he cares about and would give away at the drop of a hat.

And while the purpose of TTIP seems well and fine on the surface, as its ‘supposed’ goal is to increase economic growth in the US and the EU by creating a trading bloc greater than NAFTA, by doing so it would also delve into public policy areas…into areas most people do NOT think applies to trade like personal freedoms…and that is very scary indeed especially coming on top of the current NSA spying on the American public scandal.

TTIP would also rework almost every current US regulatory law, creating a single set of standards for a global marketplace covering half the world’s GDP, and would have us lowering our standards to meet the majority of nations lower standards…NOT good…NOT good at all.

And most times international trade agreements are negotiated by bureaucrats who have more in common with each other than with the working class people in the countries they represent…and this is especially true for Europe. And too much power in the hands of negotiators is dangerous, because negotiators in trade agreements are known for becoming lobbyists for their respective country’s business interests instead of being proponents for what said country’s people want, or how those interests affect the other countries involved.

Also, TTIP calls for ‘investor-state’ dispute resolution to solve problems that might arise, which means large corporations can file lawsuits to prevent government actions they just don’t like…such as critical health and safety regulations…just like the World Trade Organization does, and again that is NOT good as corporate heads will control the regulations, and countries like the US and Britain would be forced to lower their standards if it would settle a dispute.

So the bottom line is that TTIP would be more monetarily advantageous for Europe (adding around 0.5% to the EU’s annual economic output) than it would be for America, for while it would allow certain tariffs, customs procedures,
and behind the border regulatory restrictions to be done away with, thus making American goods somewhat easier to sell in Europe, the real goal is for the EU and US to meld many of their regulations and standards, thus laying down the foundation for creating global standards (standards that might be lower than ours) as world economic policy.

Global standards NOT American standards for America…meaning New World Order standards…meaning we would lose something our Constitution was written to prevent us from ever losing…our sovereignty in deciding what’s best for America and America alone, and that trumps any and everything else.

Hear that Obama, ‘We the People’ want NO part of your march towards New World Order, economic or otherwise, as America’s sovereignty staying intact is something that means more than the almighty dollar.


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