America’s second favorite cable news lesbian’s solution to what ails the country

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OK, before anyone yells at me for the characterization of CNN commentator Sally Kohn in the title of this post, I call your attention to her Twitter bio, in which she refers to herself using precisely the same words.

Being second fiddle to Rachel Maddow doesn’t seem like that much to write home about, but then Kohn doesn’t have much else going for her. She has distinguished herself before with her observation that Sharia law is “progressive” (she’s evidently unaware of the fate of men outed as homosexuals under that legal code) and her unequivocal statement that denying conservatives the right to verbalize their opinions on college campuses is a good thing.

And let’s not forget her claim that Donald Trump will put people in internment camps.  So far, that hasn’t happened…

Kohn’s solution for what ails the country comes in the form of a tweet that outlines her five-point plan for saving America:

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It’s a little short on details — a bit like making a shopping list for a dinner party that contains the single entry food — but that didn’t stop more than 8,000 of her 106 thousand followers from giving the plan a thumb’s up.

The tweet also received better than 6,000 comments, but not all of them were on board with her plan. Here’s a cross-sampling of some of her critics, beginning with comedian Matt Walsh:

Sounds good to us…

Some social media users tried to set her straight (as it were!) on the facts:

Others reminded Kohn of her own past attempts to claim the high road:

(Editor’s note: Kohn issued this tweet back in February, but we’ve found that some tweets are, for lack of a better definition, timeless…)

H/T: The American Lookout


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