America’s Open Sesame ‘Back Door’ Left Open For Allah’s Terrorists Via State: President Trump, What Say You??

Author: Adina Kutnicki

BEFORE this dead-on analysis gets down to brass tacks, it is inordinately overdue to set a few facts straight. By doing so, hopefully, it will clear through the smoke which passes for gospel ‘truth’, at least when it comes to U.S. intervention in this and that centuries-long conflict. With this caveat uppermost in mind, don’t ever forget that the leadership (regardless of which party is at the helm) and the (leftist) captured media take great pains and exert much effort to obfuscate what is at stake. Yes, heaven forfend the truth leaks out.

MAKING matters exponentially worse, a growing cadre of talking heads – those who lead the so-called news, oy vey – incomprehensibly, are ignorant of historical truths. Compounding said toxic mix, underlying ideological fixations – which are wedded to a multi-culti narrative – steer their ‘reporting.’ This is the case, regardless of the exorbitant costs and bloody carnage. Yes, a lethal combination, a double-dose of insanity!

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THAT being established, while there are too many truths to cite, a few are more than notable. Indeed, they impinge upon what is taking place today and have the capacity to impact life, as we know it, for generations to come. In other words, an exponential tailwind is being gifted to Allah’s Muslim Terrorists and U.S. leaders – as the standard bearers of western civilization – bear special onus. Opprobrium.


  • How many understand the back-drop and back-story re the initial explosive growth of al-Qaeda’s firepower – with Osama Bin Laden in the forefront – via the U.S.’s arming of jihadi warriors, mujahideen, during the Soviet-Afghan war from 1979-1989? Effectively, whereas keeping the Soviets in check is always a national security imperative, the fact remains that any student of history and geo-politics should have discerned that empowering Islamic warriors is always a no-no for the west! Risk vs reward. In other words, “Operation Cyclone”, the code name given by the CIA to arm followers of Islam, was more than a grave miscalculation. In real terms, it led to Bin Laden’s onslaught on 9/11/01 through a multi-tiered track. Simply put, its effects were (and continue to be) downright catastrophic. Extrapolating further, it was this war which not only raised their fighting prowess, but led to al-Qaeda’s blow back on their U.S. sponsors, as if that too shouldn’t have been expected! Mind you, sans the funding, yes, actual mega funding of al-Qaeda, ISIS, a direct offshoot of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, would not exist. There is NO denying these truths and its knock-on effects.
  • And speaking of grave miscalculations and mischief-making, so too was Clinton’s intervention in the Kosovo War in 1998-1999and with blow back similar to Reagan’s intervention in Afghanistan! The question must be asked: why can’t officialdom learn its lessons, most especially, when it comes to siding with those who wage battle on behalf of Allah? Incontestably, as onerous as President Milošević was, it should have been obvious that propping up Muslim Albanians (never mind that Kosovo’s proximity lies within the territory of southeastern Europe thus, lending Allah’s soldiers a gateway to the west !….talk about feeding the beasts) was not in America’s interests. Indeed, the ramifications of officialdom’s part in establishing the Republic of Kosovo is completely unknown to most Americans, aside from whatever lies were mimicked through media hype and this and that spinmeister in Washington. Again, like in Afghanistan, in the long-term (this is where a solid grounding in geo-politics comes in, in so far that thinking past immediate soundbites is never factored in to the ‘analysis’ of the leadership and their sock-puppets), what’s worse for American interests, the rise of mujahideen or some variation of strongman that is also fighting against these same soldiers for Allah?
  • But we are not done yet. What about Bush’s decision to invade Iraq, when Saudi Arabia and Iran were as involved with 9/11/01, and then some? Mind you, who can forget where the hijackers came from, and the fact that Bush whisked a plane load of Saudis (including, relatives of Bin Laden!) out of the country post-haste? In other words, the decision to invade Iraq was peripheral to the carnage of 9/11/01! Inestimably, The Secret History of the Iraq War tells the tale. Even more so, Iraq is manifestly more dangerous vis-à-vis  American interests due to the so-called ‘democracy’ experiment – which went wildly awry – so much so, the main beneficiary has been Iran ala its out-sized control of the nation!

THE point being, U.S. leaders have yet to learn the most salient lesson of all: whenever Washington’s Arabists (and globalists) stir the Allah imbued cauldron, Islam’s barbarians reap the benefits. So, historically speaking, let’s just admit that American leaders harm national security, as opposed to shielding it, as a result of their intervention in this and that Muslim conflict. Inexorably. 

WHICH brings us to the here and now. Once again, a dangerous back door has been left open by the State Dept. for Islam’s warriors to slither through and benefit from. Concomitantly, it is an absolute fact that President Trump has done nothing to ensure its closure. But it is not as if the warning signs haven’t been blaring in bright neon lights too.

ALAS, Trump’s subservience to State is beyond comprehension, in so far that he promised to rein in the Islamic danger at America’s door! Not only that, this site fully documented his administration’s cognitive dissonance, so much so that it intersects with Iran via the “worst deal/document ever negotiated”, as per President Trump’s own admission. Huh and duh?

IN this regard, who would believe that the more things change, the more they stay the same…..

Millions of Americans voted for Donald Trump because they wanted to stop the mass migration of Muslims into the United States, though the refugee resettlement program spreading Islam in the U.S. continues unabated.

Astonishingly, under President Trump, the U.S. government is also partnering with George Soros’ Open Society Foundation to facilitate an Islamic takeover in the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia.

Macedonia is on the brink of an ethnic conflict between the indigenous Slavic Macedonian population and a growing Albanian minority.

Ethnic Albanians now make up a quarter of the population and comprise the majority of Muslims in the country. The conflict exploded into international headlines when conservative protesters recently broke into the parliament and attacked lawmakers backing an alliance between the leftist Social Democrats and an ethnic Albanian party.

In the most recent elections, the conservative VMRO-DPMNE party won a plurality of seats, but the Social Democrats and ethnic Albanian parties formed a coalition that would allow them to marginalize the conservatives and install Macedonia’s first ethnic Albanian speaker, Talat Xhaferi.

The U.S. State Department, as well as the European Union, is urging the conservatives to step aside. The U.S. State Department issued a statement that “strongly condemn[ed] the violent attacks on members of the Macedonian parliament which followed the election of Talat Xhaferi as Speaker of Parliament.”

The State Department also promised to “work with the new speaker to support democracy and to help Macedonia move forward on its European path.”

The European Union has also hosted the new speaker, Xhaferi, as an official expression of support.

But conservatives and nationalists in Macedonia see the stakes as nothing less than existential.

Xhaferi isn’t just an ethnic Albanian, but a defector from the Macedonian army who joined the ethnic Albanian National Liberation Army during a rebellion in 2001. He received an amnesty as part of a peace settlement that ended the conflict, but Macedonians, especially veterans, are furious that a man who fought against Macedonia is now being installed as one of its leaders. Xhaferi’s appointment has been called “treachery” and a “disgrace to the army” by opponents.

Indeed, the riot was sparked by Xhaferi’s decision to make his first speech after being elected in the Albanian language, rather than Macedonian.

Establishing Albanian as an official language in the country is one of the priorities of the new leftist Albanian coalition. Protesters also argue Xhaferi’s appointment was illegal because it reportedly did not follow standard parliamentary procedures.

The conflict in Macedonia also has deeper roots, both because Macedonia is a battleground in the geopolitical competition between Russia and the United States and because of the continuing efforts by Soros, an international financier and philanthropist, to undermine conservative and nationalist European governments.

The Russian government is backing the conservative and nationalist Macedonian party VMRO-DPMNE and its leader Nikola Gruevski. It has accused the EU and NATO of imposing an “Albanian platform” on the country as part of an effort to undermine Slavic countries and create a “Greater Albania.”

Meanwhile, many Macedonians believe the efforts to undermine their country can be traced to Soros’ Open Society Foundation, which has heavily funded leftist groups in the Balkan nation. “Stop Operation Soros” tracks Soros’ efforts in the country, including tracking the millions of dollars being contributed to leftist groups in the country.

“We’ve witnessed the takeover of the entire civil sector and its abuse and instrumentalization to meet the goals of one political party,” alleged Nikola Srbov, co-founder of the group.

Gruevski has also accused Soros’ network of meddling in Macedonian politics.

More importantly, some of this money is coming from American taxpayers.

Judicial Watch recently filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the State Department to obtain the full records of the department’s communication with the Open Society Foundation, as well as the money and support provided by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). According to USAID’s website, $4.8 million was provided to the Open Society Foundation in Macedonia between 2012 and 2016.

Republican Christopher Smith also has announced an investigation of the American embassy in Macedonia following allegations the U.S. government was working to defeat the conservatives in the Macedonian election, including by collaborating with the Soros network.

The establishment media, notably Politico, has defended Soros and the American government’s efforts in Macedonia by accusing Soros opponents of being part of a “Russia-aligned attack.”

Even after President Trump’s inauguration, Macedonia’s Open Society Foundation remains a partner of USAID and continued to work together on various programs, including “Youth Engagement Support Grants” to encourage “participating in public life.”

According to the application, “priority” would be given to grant applications that aim to “ensure substantial engagement of women, girls, youth, ethnic or religious minorities, the LGBT community, or other vulnerable/marginalized groups.”

The American Spectator reports the Soros network in Macedonia, backed by American funds, also used Western tactics and trained protesters to destabilize the conservative Macedonian government. Having accomplished that mission, the federal government, even with Trump as president, is now pressuring the small nation to hand over control to an alliance between leftists and Albanians…..

“Here in America, taxpayers fund so-called NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) who profit from importing Muslim immigrants deliberately brought in to change America’s culture and vote for leftists,” Hohmann said. “Now, in Europe, we see the United States of America, far from opposing the Islamic takeover of the continent, is facilitating it. We’re essentially helping Muslim Albania take over a small nation. And American taxpayers are bankrolling George Soros in order to carry it out.”

Hohmann noted the irony of Trump’s federal government funding the same kind of leftist groups that are trying to remove him from office at home.

“President Trump is actually funding his enemies, as well as the enemies of the West,” Hohmann said. “The Soros network is helping organize the protests against him in the United States the same way they are trying to drive out the conservatives in Macedonia.

“Leave aside the question of why our own government is going out of its way to destroy this small Christian nation. Why are Republicans in the federal government giving millions of dollars to the same groups trying to destroy them? And why are they cutting these checks at the same time they are claiming they can’t defend our own border because they don’t have the money?”

Hohmann noted the U.S. backed the Muslims in Bosnia during the Clinton presidency.

“It seems that, regardless of who is in the White House, we get the same anti-Christian foreign policy coming out of the U.S. State Department. If you were trying to destroy the West deliberately, what would you be doing differently?”….continue reading….

TO wit, leaving aside all the gobbledygook, let’s face facts: regardless of President Trump’s positive influence on the economy and build-up of the military, both accomplishments will remain little more than window dressing, if Allah’s Muslim Terrorists aren’t kept at bay.

SO whether the above involves his cave-in, and it was, re ‘the wall’ – in order to keep Washington afloat – or his refusal to designate the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia a terror org., the knock-on effects to national security are the same. And both are of piece with the news that the “U.S. government (under Trump) is partnering with George Soros’ Open Society Foundation to facilitate an Islamic takeover in the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia.”

MOST significantly, in the same manner in which prior actions and interventions ended up empowering Islamic interests, to the absolute detriment of America in specific and the west in general, so too will President Trump’s cognitive dissonance.



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